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How should you feel after reiki?


    Reiki can help you achieve a state of equilibrium by activating your body’s innate capacity for healing. It immediately affects your autonomic nervous system, making it possible for you to relax. Once you’ve reached a state of relaxation, the healing process can begin on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    After receiving Reiki, you feel:

    • happier
    • energized
    • more laid-back
    • you appear to have been meditating
    • feeling lighter and less physically uncomfortable
    • As situations that used to bother you no longer do, your mind becomes more liberated

    Occasionally, for a brief period, you may also experience:

    • tiredness
    • sadness
    • restlessness
    • rage
    • slightly dizzy or nauseous

    These conditions are a result of rebalancing and will soon pass. If you’re feeling tired, take some time to rest and sip lots of water or herbal tea. Please contact Sarah or your Reiki practitioner if you have questions following your Reiki session.

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