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How To Cleanse Your Crystals


    Crystals, known for their healing properties and energy holding capabilities have been used for centuries.

    It is essential to regularly cleanse your crystals in order to release any negative energy they may have absorbed and restore their natural properties.

    In this article.

    We will discuss the importance of cleansing your crystals and how to keep them energized.

    Why is it important to cleanse your crystals? Crystals have the ability to absorb energy from their surroundings, including any negative or unwanted energy. This can cause them to become dull or less effective.

    By cleansing your crystals regularly you can remove any negative energy and restore their natural properties. There are several methods available for cleansing your crystals. Here are a few popular options:

    1. Water: Water is a natural cleanser that can be used for most crystals.

    You can hold your crystals under running water for a few minutes or let them soak in a bowl of water for several hours. However. It is important to check if the crystal is water safe before using this method as some crystals may be damaged by water.

    1. Salt: Salt is another natural cleanser that can be utilized for cleaning your crystals. Place your crystals in a bowl of salt and let them sit for several hours or overnight.

    Sea salt or Himalayan salt are recommended options while table salt should be avoided as it may be too harsh for some crystals. 3.

    Smudging: Smudging with sage or palo santo is a popular method not only for cleansing crystals but also for purifying spaces. Hold your crystals in the smoke of burning sage or palo santo for several seconds.

    You can also use other herbs like lavender or cedar.

    1. Sunlight and Moonlight: Placing your crystals in sunlight or moonlight is another effective way to cleanse them.

    Make sure to leave your crystals outside in a secure spot where they won’t be damaged or stolen during this process.
    5.Sound: Utilizing sound vibrations is yet another method commonly used to cleanse crystals.

    By following these methods you can ensure that your crystals remain energetically balanced and effective. Remember to choose the cleansing method that best suits your crystals and needs and always handle them with care.

    After you have cleansed your crystals.

    It is crucial to keep them energized.

    Here are a few methods that you can use:


    One way to recharge the energy of your crystals is by exposing them to sunlight or moonlight.

    To do this. Place your crystals outside in a safe spot for several hours or overnight. Ensuring that they are protected from any potential damage or theft. Visualization

    Another method to keep your crystals energized is by visualizing positive energy flowing into them. Simply hold your crystals in your hands and imagine them being filled with an abundance of positive energy.
    Other Crystals

    You can also maintain the energy of your cleansed crystals by placing them on a bed of other crystals that are well known for their cleansing or energizing properties. For instance. Selenite or clear quartz can be good choices for this purpose. In conclusion

    Cleansing your crystals plays a vital role in preserving their effectiveness and restoring their inherent properties. There are multiple methods available for crystal cleansing, including water, salt, smudging, sunlight and moonlight exposure as well as sound vibrations. After cleansing them it is essential to further maintain the energy of your crystals through charging, visualization or placing them alongside other beneficial stones. By consistently dedicating time to cleanse and care for your crystals. They will continue serving you with their healing abilities for many years ahead.

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