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How to know if reiki attunement worked?


    The process of Reiki attunements is often seen as peculiar and mysterious by those new to the practice. The term “tuning” itself adds to the air of enigma surrounding it. This concept may be unsettling for some individuals. As it cannot be comprehended by the mind due to a lack of prior experience for comparison. In order to gain a better understanding.

    Let us explore what Reiki attunements are.

    What they involve. How they feel, and what follows them.

    Reiki attunements are a crucial part of the training for Reiki practitioners, which can only be taught by individuals who have achieved the level of Reiki Master. These attunements serve two main purposes simultaneously. Firstly they allow for incredibly powerful healing to take place within the recipients’ energy channels by opening and clearing them extensively. This lays the groundwork for rapid healing facilitated by newly attuned Reiki practitioners. Not only does this clearing enable more effective healing. But it also promotes unobstructed flow of Reiki energy through these channels.

    Consequently. Once attuned. Individuals can receive Reiki in an unhindered manner at all times. Especially when they have an intention to receive it. Secondly. Attunements facilitate the smoother movement of Reiki energy through those who have undergone tuning. Universal Energy permeates and surrounds each one of us while flowing through our beings; its presence is omnipresent.

    Through the process of Reiki attunement.

    We open ourselves up to this surrounding energy and become more aware than our usual state allows. The energy is quite literally brought to our attention by this process The period immediately after birth marks a phase where we are particularly receptive towards this mystical energy; nevertheless as we grow accustomed to our surroundings over time our sensitivity towards it inevitably diminishes. We regain this lost awareness through engaging in Reiki attunements. Receiving a Reiki initiation brings about what specific results? Immediate awareness of energy flowing through ones’ body is discerned by most individuals who have undergone a Reiki attunement even at its most basic level.

    This sensation is often experienced in their hands and occasionally it travels downwards to their feet. Reiki represents an energy healing practice that focuses on the hands of the practitioner.

    However it should be acknowledged that such pronounced sensations do not manifest uniformly among all individuals; some claim to experience only slight or no sensations at all. Irrespective of personal experiences during an attunement session.

    Those upon whom Reiki is subsequently practiced will certainly feel the flow of energy within them. Giving rise to prominent shifts detected by observant practitioners. Event though individuals who have recently become initiated into Reiki may not detect intense warmth or other sensory phenomena emanating from their hands after receiving an attunement they are able to experience a state of calmness through self treatments.

    Despite this lack of immediate sensory feedback. Following the rituals involved in this practice. Stimuli experienced by individual practitioners can differ substantially and slight variances are normal from session to session.

    During the course of the attunement procedure the individual seeking attunement will be advised by a Reiki Master to close their eyes maintain a stationary or meditative posture and turn inward for insight into the symbolic nature of this ritual.

    Participants may be encouraged by the Master to simultaneously concentrate on their breath while focusing on themselves. While guiding these initiates the Master proceeds drawing symbols on a piece of paper. These symbols embody diverse healing energies,such as loves’ potency,the harmonious interplay between all beings, unity with a higher power in addition to one symbol devised specifically for dissolving our conventional understanding and perception of time and space.

    When receiving a Reiki attunement. Symbols will be drawn on your hands and in your aura. Its important to note that this is just the basic process as different Masters may perform the attunement in their own unique ways. Therefore the information presented here is a mere summary. Typically most Masters will begin and end with a brief prayer or intention which may or may not be spoken aloud. You may wonder how a Reiki attunement feels.

    Each individual has their own unique experience during an attunement so whatever you go through is exactly what you need at that specific time.

    Its not productive to worry about how you compare to others or what you’ve read online. Many people report feeling sensations of warmth, tingling, or vibrations either moving down the spine from the crown to the base or up from their feet along the spine.

    Some also feel heat in their hands and may have color perceptions or visions. Additionally. Some individuals hear melodies, bells, or even angelic voices. The range of experiences is diverse. For many individuals.

    It is an immensely profound and emotionally stirring experience. After receiving an attunement comes a healing response known as a healing crisis.

    This can occur in the days following the attunement and last for up to two or three weeks. The symptoms experienced during this period can vary in severity and nature among individuals and even between different attunements. Some people may not experience any healing crisis at all. While others might only have mild symptoms. On the other hand. Certain individuals might feel quite ill for a day or two with flu like symptoms before improving significantly with only slight emotional fluctuations for another one to two weeks afterwards. Lastly some individuals might have a healing crisis that primarily involves emotional release where intense feelings surge up and then release—possibly including moments of crying or anger. There is a possibility that the texture may not be smooth. It would be in your best interest to observe and allow the energies to flow through you. While also registering and processing them as necessary. Following an attunement it is common for individuals to notice some form of life change even if it is simply a shift in their reactions to various situations. Regardless of how minor or insignificant these changes may seem maintaining a journal in the weeks following the tuning can assist you in tracking this process. It is quite interesting to look back on this journal later on as well. So I highly recommend keeping one.

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