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How to know if you can do reiki?


    Reiki creates flow and balance in your life.

    The wonderful thing about Reiki is that anyone can learn and use it on themselves and others. This provides a great deal of self-reliance in the event of illness or complaint. It is also very good for your mental and physical health.

    By working with Reiki, you can take your health into your own hands.

    Select a course

    There are numerous Reiki schools, each with its own set of teachers. See what works for you. For example, Rosalinde Seelig in Apeldoorn was where I completed my courses and education. I prefer to select someone who has put in a lot of work on himself, has a lot of experience treating others, and can communicate that.


    After the first degree, you will have the ability to heal for the rest of your life. After that, you can use Reiki in your own life and help others.

    Reiki can be used on yourself, another person, animals, and plants. A Reiki practitioner will never grow tired of it because no of their energy is used.

    Healing yourself

    Reiki can be used in various situations in everyday life when you bump your knee or toe, have jaw pain after going to the dentist, when it is difficult to fall asleep, or when you are not feeling well. It is a constant source of comfort.

    What others cannot solve for you, you can sometimes solve for yourself. Numerous examples of people getting rid of chronic or “incurable” complaints by starting independently. See, for example, this story about Reiki and ADD, about someone’s rapid recovery from jaw surgery, or someone’s recovery from MS in which Reiki played a role.

    You can’t force it or count down the months, but you can seriously work with yourself to get there. Regularly applying Reiki to yourself pays off and brings your life into balance.

    Treating the chronically ill

    To treat chronic complaints, Reiki healing necessitates regular treatments. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial if the sick person (or a loved one) enrolls in a Reiki course. As a result, regular and simple treatment can be performed in addition to the care.

    Treating a sick person regularly ensures that Reiki’s effective effect continues to run while the body heals. This is comparable to maintaining a drug level or completing an antibiotic course – you can go much deeper than a single treatment.

    Personal development

    Moments of reflection can be found in Reiki’s deep peace and relaxation. It enables you to process difficult emotional situations more quickly, face fewer worries, and dare to take more risks. This is already possible by using Reiki to start the day fresh in the morning or to fall asleep quickly in the evening.

    If you use it frequently, the power you can pass on grows stronger. This is due in part to increased inner peace and balance. Reiki is thus a practical practice that, like yoga or meditation, provides more peace and balance in our hectic lives.

    Getting started therapeutically

    The first degree is appropriate for using Reiki on yourself and your loved ones. However, Reiki can be used therapeutically as early as the second degree. Basic medical and psychosocial knowledge is, of course, advantageous.

    The emphasis in both methods is first on working on yourself and then on working with others. Working with Reiki regularly helps to develop inner balance and strengthens healing. It also gives you the personal development necessary to present yourself and act professionally.


    There are three levels to achieve within Reiki.

    • The 1st grade teaches you how to give contact treatment to yourself and loved ones.
    • In the 2nd degree, you can work with distance treatments and deepen the inner processing of mental and emotional processes.
    • The 3rd degree is the way to Reiki master, a growth towards inner mastery and then being able to teach.

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