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How to know if you have healing energy?


    In this post, we go over how to know if you have healing energy.

    A Brief on Healing Energy

    A capacity for self-healing and giving exists within us, independent of any supernatural power.

    These are natural abilities that increase well-being and allow for empathy and human connection; characteristics that are also capable of healing because a person’s emotional state is always related to their physical state.

    As a result, this ability, which we can also call Love, can be of tremendous help to people who are healing from their suffering.

    In contrast to what many people may believe, the gift of healing is neither a secret nor a far-off possibility.

    Instead, it may come from members of our family, friends, or partners; in other words, from the people traveling alongside us on this path.

    18 Signs You Have Healing Energy

    The following are some of the telltale indications that an individual possesses this healing power:

    1. You look at people as they are and not as you would like them to be.

    You are an open and unprejudiced person, who welcomes everyone who comes to you for help, with compassion and without judgment.

    2. You are open to advising those who come to you

    People always turn to you for advice thanks to your caring and welcoming aura.

    3. You know how to “perceive” the states of people around you

    You somehow know when someone is okay or if something is bothering them. You understand body language and the meaning behind the actions of those around you.

    4. You are optimistic

    You don’t get hung up on small things. Prefers to see things from a broader perspective.

    5. You respect life

    You have a great sense of respect for all forms of life and you don’t judge yourself superior for being human.

    6. You tend to attract hurt people

    People who are emotionally hurt are drawn to you very often. That’s because they feel that, in some way, you can help them improve.

    7. You have a hard time denying help

    It is as if you have to help all people in need. You can’t say “no” and don’t expect anything in return.

    8. You have the desire to work in the healthcare field or other helpful field

    You have a great desire to work on some activity that involves healing. His passion is to have an occupation that allows him to truly help other lives.

    9. You avoid large groups

    Large groups exhaust you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So instead, you prefer to get together with a few people you care about.

    10. You have a deep connection to nature

    Whenever you are in nature, you feel really happy and protected. Nature is your home, and it reassures you.

    11. You feel things that other people don’t

    Your healing power can go beyond the physical field.


    12. You are very intuitive

    You have a deep connection to your emotions, which helps you more accurately understand everything around you.

    13. You really care about other people

    You are a selfless person who cares about those around you. Other people’s joy makes you happy.

    14. You are always attentive

    You are very attentive to everything that happens around you.

    15. You love animals

    The presence of animals around you makes your life much happier and fuller. As animals are also sensitive, you are mutually attracted.

    16. Your empathy causes physical sensations

    You’re an empath, meaning you can often experience physical sensations associated with other people’s feelings, good or bad.

    17. Children are naturally drawn to you

    Children like you because they recognize your authenticity and know that you are a good person.

    18. You are a good listener

    You are a person with many things to share, but you allow others to have their time and listen carefully.

    Healing is more than something mystical, it is a willingness to listen, welcome, show solidarity, be empathetic, and, above all, love the other.

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