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How to Send Distance Healing Energy


    In this post, we go over how to send distance healing energy.

    What is Energy Distance Healing?

    Reiki healing is a form of alternative therapy that can be supplemented by distance healing. Reiki, also called energy healing, focuses on the body’s energy fields. It was founded by Dr. Usui in 1865 when he fasted, meditated, and prayed. On the twenty-first day, he saw ancient Sanskrit symbols. This helped him develop the healing system which is now known as Reiki.

    We are all energetic beings and we all have energy flowing within and around us. When we become aware of this energy and its potential, we can use it to heal the people we love and participate in healing the world around us.

    Being able to send energy is not a privilege or a talent. We can all do this and as long as we are open and know to who we want to send healing energy, there should be no problem.

    How to Send Distance Healing Energy (6 Steps)

    Here’s how to send healing energy to another person, animal, or plant from a distance. With this method, the other person’s consent is not required.

    1. Prepare the space

    Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you have a clean, open space.

    2. Calm your mind

    To calm your mind, take a few deep breaths…keep inhaling and exhaling for a while, then set your intention to send out healing energy.

    You can even say aloud the name of the person you are sending healing energy to.

    3. Increase your energy

    To send positive air healing energy, start rubbing your hands in a circular motion until you feel the energy.

    You should be able to feel the energy pulse of the hands as you pull them slowly.

    4. Make an energy ball

    Once you feel the energy flowing through your hands, imagine forming it into a sphere. You can also use intention to color these energy balls depending on the type of healing you want to send:

    • Blue: emotional healing
    • Orange: physical healing
    • White: spiritual healing / general healing
    • Green: heart healing
    • Purple: psychic protection

    Focus your attention on this ball of energy, and visualize how it grows—how it becomes stronger and more powerful with each breath you take.

    5. Send the energy

    When you feel your ball of energy is strong enough, imagine how you send it to your chosen person, plant, or animal.

    You can even imagine how the person receives the energy and feels its pleasant healing effect.

    6. Recharge your energies

    After sending healing energy, it is important to recharge yourself by grounding the energy. It can be a walk in nature, meditation, or taking a relaxing bath.

    Sending healing energy to another person is a very powerful tool and a great way to help others when you cannot physically be with them.


    Important Things To Remember

    The quality of your healing energy is up to you, so avoid sending it when you are physically ill or feeling emotionally drained.

    It is not necessary to tell the person you are sending healing energy to that you are doing it, but if you tell them, they might be more open to receiving the energy.

    Healing energy must be sent with love. If you feel negative emotions towards the person, it’s wise to reconsider.

    Everything you send comes back to you three times over. This means that no matter what type of energy you send into the world, it will return to you three times stronger.

    Distance healing is a valuable and powerful tool that anyone can learn to use. So if someone you know needs a dose of healing energy, try sending it to them.

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