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How to Unblock Root Chakra with Crystals


    In this post, we go over how to unblock root chakra with crystals.

    What is the Root Chakra?

    The root chakra is one of the seven main chakras running along the spine. They go right through the middle of our bodies. Sushumna is the path that connects the energies of each chakra.

    The Importance of Root Chakra

    You can tell if your root chakra, or base chakra, is in balance based on the following questions:

    • Do you feel safe?
    • Do you trust the world and the life around you?
    • Are you currently self-assured or neurotic?

    Safety and fear are a common theme in discussions regarding the root chakra.

    When your root chakra is out of balance, there is often a persistent voice in the back of your mind that tells you that something terrible might occur.

    Even when they are experiencing the happiest moments of their lives, certain people continue to hear this voice. In this circumstance, the root chakra is shut down. Many people try to save themselves by adhering to predetermined standards and guidelines. Everything must adhere to the principle of predictability. Risks that can’t be accounted for aren’t considered as much as they can be. It’s almost like having a dependency on stability, which is very exhausting and tiring to do. Fear is always present and never leaves. It causes mental fatigue for us.

    The natural flow of life is severely disrupted, and the kundalini, also known as the serpent, cannot make its way through our bodies.

    Someone might say to me, “But life is falling apart!” in response to this. Indeed, life isn’t very safe. Nothing is risk-free in this crazy world. Perils are waiting around the corner, we have to surmount obstacles and take alternative routes, and occasionally things just don’t go too quickly. But what kind of a life is it if it is spent in constant terror and concern over the things that might happen in the future?

    How is it that such happiness can exist in the here and now? It is not true that once the root chakra is opened, “nothing else can happen to you” afterward. But what you find is the absolute certainty that you will prevail over everything thrown your way. This is what you experience. You will make it through this, and once you do, you will know the peace that comes with the realization that this, too, shall pass. Everything good, as well as everything bad.

    You will develop an inner fortitude and a profound sense of security, both of which will liberate you completely from the effects of all external factors. You will feel very fit and active if your Muladhara is open and in balance. You are fearless in your approach to life and the challenges it presents. Everything material that seemed to support you in the past becomes a relatively unimportant issue. Your abode is life and the natural world.

    A disturbance in the root chakra can be brought on by issues with your family, broken trust in your partner or other significant people in your life, a lot of moves or travel, or any combination of these factors. Issues with money or health that weigh you down and throw you off course are two examples of things that can set off a disorder.

    A disruption in the functioning of the root chakra is frequently accompanied by amorphous anxiety that our immediate family members and we might not be adequately supplied with the essentials or that we will no longer be able to provide for them in the future. In addition, there is not enough of a focus on security.

    One feels helpless and at the environment’s mercy because of the widespread perception that the environment poses a threat. The belief that there is nowhere in this world for one to belong is yet another hallmark of this condition. There is a sense that you do not truly belong anywhere. On the other hand, some people are terrified that they will never be able to accomplish what they have set out to do. It seems as though the needs are not being met, despite their existence. The sensation of being isolated from others and completely alone in the world is also common. No one is there for you, no one who cares about you or assists you, and no one who is there for you.

    Mental Issues of the Root Chakra:

    • very low self-esteem
    • lack of self-esteem
    • tired and listless, little energy
    • phobias
    • uncertainty
    • Lack of discipline
    • strong tension
    • fears
    • materialistic lifestyle
    • Urge to punish self or to compensate (such as cutting, anorexia, bulimia, burnout syndrome)

    Physical Issues of the Root Chakra:

    • Problems with digestion
    • Pain in hips, legs, and feet
    • skin diseases
    • Bone and Skeletal Diseases
    • Pain at the lowest point of the back (coccyx area)
    • problems with sciatica
    • Diseases that are caused by excessive stress
    • weak immune system
    • respiratory problems
    • allergies

    More Facts on Root Chakra

    • Dark red is the color associated with the root chakra.
    • A flower with four individual petals serves as the emblem.
    • The god Brahma, known as the creator, and Dakini, known as the sky dancer, are connected to the chakra.
    • On a more tangible level, the legs, kidneys, and immune system are all under the control of the root chakra. So it’s possible that noticeable issues in these areas result from a disturbed root chakra; if you can learn to open it again, you’ll notice a significant improvement, and the problems may even go away entirely.

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