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Is reiki a good career option?


    Reiki is a healing technique that involves laying hands on specific body areas known as chakras. The practitioner’s energy penetrates the chakras and nourishes the entire network of energy meridians. If you’re familiar with acupuncture, you’re probably familiar with the concept of meridians or energy circuits. You understand that action on the meridian points caused by acupuncture needles causes an organism reaction. The same thing happens in Reiki with the laying on of hands at the chakra level. The energy transmitted causes reactions such as detoxification, cellular memory awakening, awareness, adaptation transition, and health improvement.

    Unfortunately, the natural healing process is poorly understood and remains a mystery to most people. Today, those who heal by laying on of hands are chastised or mocked. However, the person who practices this profession passed down from generation to generation, should be treated with the same regard as the village doctor.

    Indeed, because he was frequently isolated, he did not always have much to offer his patients. Often overwhelmed by their misfortunes and pains, he lavished kindness and consideration. Because he was sometimes helpless in the face of events, he assisted his patients using their healing power.

    Throughout my columns, I hope to demystify my work as a Reiki practitioner and teacher while sharing my perspective on a marginal career.

    What exactly is a Reiki practitioner? In any case, it appears obvious that certain qualities are more than desirable for becoming a reiki practitioner. The Reiki practitioner, for example, must:

    • have a good dose of humor and not take themselves too seriously;
    • know how to show abnegation because he often has to forget his little miseries to listen to those of others;
    • understand that in all things, even illness, there are lessons to be learned;
    • Deeply respect all life forms because he cannot refuse his help when his services are called upon. Care for plants, animals, goldfish, and humans. In short, all life is important to him;
    • have the availability and open-mindedness to deal with any situation, at any time;
    • to be able to be non-judgmental, because is he more than anyone?
    • learn to “listen and hear between the words” because his intuition is his main working tool;
    • develop his love of himself as much as that of his neighbor because he must never forget that the healing of others begins with his own;
    • and the list could go on and on.

    The Reiki practitioner, like a missionary, is responsible for his career choice. The Reiki practitioner often works alone, without the support of a powerful corporation or association to publicize his discipline or assert his rights.

    Working in an intangible realm, the Reiki practitioner achieves measurable results by laying on hands with the universal energy that most human eyes cannot see. People consult it for this very reason. He sees his clientele growing primarily through the phenomenon of “word of mouth” rather than through extensive advertising. The Reiki practitioner provides his services with zeal, convinced that his calling is to assist his fellow men in naturally regaining health.

    When you meet a reiki practitioner, you recognize it because, regardless of discomfort, you already feel relief from being listened to and understood on your first call.

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