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Is reiki a massage or is there more to it?


    At the professional level, the practices of Reiki and massage are being combined with increasing frequency. Is there something wrong with the integration? Each practitioner in the various modalities may develop their own biases and incorrect assumptions.

    Because there is always an energetic assumption behind an application, whether performed by a masseuse or a physical therapist, the application of Reiki and massage frequently occurs unconsciously. This occurs as a result of the individual having an energetic need and receptivity to it, as well as on the part of the masseur or physiotherapist, where there is always an energetic connection that frequently causes this practitioner to become exhausted. Again, this is the case because there is a need for energy on the part of the individual and receptivity to it.

    The disadvantages of combining both therapies

    Either of the two therapies still carries connotations that are difficult to “clean up” due to their incorrect application to the therapy’s purpose. Either by professionals with questionable ethical standards, incompetent professionals, or even by using the incorrect application or name. When someone requests a home service for massage, skepticism can still be present, just as it can be present when someone mixes Reiki with their beliefs or even requests that the person be undressing.

    Given that both of these therapies have the potential to result in misunderstandings, it is clear that combining them is not an especially simple task.

    The three techniques of Ushite, Oshite, and Nadete are manipulative, so most Reiki masters avoid teaching them. However, to apply such techniques, it is necessary to know their impact on the human body because applying touch techniques, such as physical manipulation, can deviate the practice of Reiki from its true purpose, this is a reason.

    Combining Reiki and massage in a way unfamiliar to the user or taken completely out of context could even lead to allegations of improper or harmful practice.

    The advantages of combining Reiki and Massage

    On the other hand, there are many advantages of associating Reiki and massage in a therapeutic context:

    • They are therapies that are very easy to integrate;
    • Reiki can help to unblock more difficult contractures;
    • Promote emotional and mental balance;
    • Reiki can help with the connection

    The Benefits of Reiki for a Massage Therapist or Physical Therapist

    If you are a massage therapist or a physical therapist and you have ever felt exhausted at the end of a session, then there are some energy principles that Reiki can assist you with. They are as follows:

    • There are always energetic interactions between people, particularly in physical care, and you must be prepared to deal with them.
    • Reiki techniques can assist you in releasing tensions caused by energy accumulation or stagnation.
    • Other techniques, such as rooting, dry baths, and Reiki rain, can help you deal with any energy buildup you may have.
    • Furthermore, Reiki can assist you in improving your inner harmony and balance.

    Suppose you are a massage therapist or physiotherapist. In that case, you can learn Reiki even if you only intend to use it on yourself and solve the most difficult situations with your clients. First, however, let’s look at how you could do it professionally.

    How to associate Reiki and Massage as integrated therapies

    Above all, it thoroughly examines the Reiki Therapy code of ethics and its associated norms. Keep in mind that these are two very different therapies that can be used concurrently without interrupting one another. As a result, if you intend to give Reiki or massage to your user, keep the following ideas in mind:

    • Explain your motivation for combining the two therapies.
    • It clearly defines Reiki and massage, as well as the roles of each method in the person and their problem.
    • It informs the person that one should never undress when practicing Reiki, so if you apply the massage first and then the Reiki, ask the person if they want to dress. It may seem counter-intuitive for a relaxation goal, but believe that you are being truly professional and that they will thank you for it in some way;
    • First, try to understand what you’re going to apply and consult with the person to obtain their permission. This permission is necessary because when you go to the dentist, you are not waiting for him to schedule a gynecology appointment for you.

    When we approach our users professionally and seriously, our opinions and suggestions are more likely to be considered. As a result, when you want to use integrated therapies, you demonstrate even more knowledge and responsibility, considering the person’s therapeutic plan.

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