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Is reiki spiritual and rise consciousness?


    The search for solutions, or at the very least, remedies, to the states of physical, mental, and spiritual malaise that its members experience can be said to cover the entirety of human history. This search may or may not have been conscious. It has sought solutions not only in methods based on traditional medicine but also in controlling the “vital” energy used to initiate and maintain a process of “self-healing” in the organism. These solutions can be found in both traditional medicine and alternative medicine. For instance, the Tibetans used these techniques already thousands of years ago, as did people in India, China, Japan, Egypt, and Greece, as well as in America in the shamanic traditions of the Indians, in the Indian peoples, all the way up to our Western culture, which tells us of what Jesus of Nazareth said to his disciples: “you will lay your hands on the sick, and they will get well” (Mark 16:18).

    Nothing out of the ordinary, but on the other hand, it is natural for a man to place his hands on the areas of his body where he is experiencing pain to find some relief, and the children may feel a little more at ease when their mother puts her hand on their bua. Because symbolic and cryptic languages had guarded it to preserve it from the risk of manipulation and improper use, modern subject scholars have sometimes misunderstood the original meaning of this information passed down from antiquity.

    Even the knowledge of REIKI was lost as a result, and it wasn’t until the end of the nineteenth century that a teacher in a Christian school in Kioto named Dr. Mikao Usui found the key to unlocking it in writings that were written more than two thousand and five hundred years earlier.

    It is a technique based on energy transmission by laying on hands. At the same time, in its etymology, it is a term composed of two words: REI and KI, where REI stands for cosmic energy, the energy that is the basis for all creation, and KI indicates the energy that permeates every living being, which is “personal” energy. In practice, it is a technique based on energy transmission by laying on hands.

    It is possible to gradually initiate a natural process of “self-healing” in the organism by bringing these two energies back into balance, which is also inherent in man and animals but dormant, especially in man. The first, most important, and the consequent effect of this method is, therefore, the re-harmonization of individual energy with the universal one.

    The effectiveness of Reiki stems from the fact that, when it is practiced, the individual is brought back close to the original order and, as a result, connected to the harmony of the Universe. Furthermore, the practice of penetrating a person down to their most distant cells stimulates the path towards integrity and well-being. The immediate effects are, in point of fact, the induction of a state of profound relaxation, the elimination of toxins through diuresis, the alleviation of pain, the regeneration of tissues, and, over time, the improvement of the endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, urinary, and digestive systems. They will be revitalized and fortified, improving the immune system. In the course of bringing the flow of energy into harmony,

    Undoubtedly, the immediate effect is observed on the physical plane; however, Reiki, as the south said, is the conjunction between the individual energy “KI” and that of the Universe “REI”; consequently, it follows that in its passage, working on the totality of Man, it also stimulates his awareness, so that it also becomes an instrument of psychic and spiritual development as well as potentially also of significant change. Not only does the energy of Reiki act on the cells, but also, and most importantly, it acts on the energy centers, also known as CHAKRA, which not only rule over the organs to which they are connected but also serve as the locus for our various states of consciousness. Our consciousness shifts from the material to the spiritual as a result of raising the Chakras to a higher vibration, and this enables us to grow toward a different vision of existence, of ourselves, of others, of the planet, and the universe without detracting in any way from day-to-day life.

    The original tradition of the Reiki method calls for the student to learn the technique in two distinct degrees, one after the other, before moving on to the third degree, which confers the title of “master.” Teaching students how to channel and use the universal energy during the first-degree seminar is to equip them with the skills necessary to use the Reiki energy on themselves and others. At the second degree level, students learn how to more effectively manage the flow of energy, work on the mental aspect, and use Reiki at a distance with the knowledge of three energy keys.

    Everyone who receives it will have the same experience of what Reiki is. To understand what it is, neither specific skills nor specific knowledge is required; all that is required is the modest and respectful desire to rediscover a natural way of living in harmony with the state of the original order. After all, it is the gateway to our world in pursuing natural equilibrium and well-being.

    It is possible to gradually restart within each of us a global process of “natural self-healing” if we can bring the individual’s energy back into the correct balance with the energy of the universe.

    • Elimination of toxins
    • Relief of acute and chronic pain
    • Tissue regeneration
    • Induction of a state of deep good humor and relaxation

    Reiki considers the totality of our being: it acts on a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level; being harmonious energy of love, it is therefore not only “curative” but, above all, preventive.