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Is reiki used in hospitals?


    Reiki is now used in many hospital departments worldwide.

    It is used in complete harmony with conventional medicine.

    Reiki practitioners are needed in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, and Switzerland to accompany the people treated and their close entourage.

    Reiki treatments are increasingly being recognized for their benefits in:

    • Care structures public and private,
    • Aid associations  to the sick and health promotion,
    • Nursing schools,
    • Health insurance.

    Here is a partial list of Reiki practices in medical settings in a few countries:

    • In Europe


    In the oncology department of the Ramon y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, nurses trained in Reiki treatments work with patients to reduce the anxiety and distress associated with the disease.


    At the USRE (Unit of care and research on the mind) at the Timone hospital in Marseille became interested in Reiki as a complementary therapy in the context of spiritual care accompanying oncology and care palliatives. In 2007, it also published a report on its three years of activity.

    Sophrology and Reiki sessions are offered in the Briançon Hospital Center within the geriatrics department. The practice of Reiki is developing more particularly among caregivers in the intensive care unit who wish to bring another dimension to their care.


    The effectiveness of Reiki is recognized by health insurance companies that reimburse Reiki treatments (provided that the health insurance fund approves the therapist). In addition, Groupe Mutuel includes 15 mutuals, Intras, SWICA, Caisse Vaudoise, and Supra.


    Several hospitals offer Reiki treatment sessions:

    • CGG Clinic (Centrum für ganzheitliche Gynäkologie), Mannheim
    • St. Augustinus Krankenhaus, Düren
    • DRK Krankenhaus Lichtenstein (Red Cross)


    University College London Hospitals NHS, London: Reiki treatments are offered to patients suffering from stress, presenting with mood disorders, but also in addition to cancer treatment or even as complementary care for women with endometriosis.

    Aintree University Hospitals NHS, Liverpool: Reiki treatments are offered in geriatric medicine.

    Other hospital institutions offer Reiki healing sessions in addition to cancer treatment, such as:

    • Wallace Cancer Care (partner of Addenbrooke’s Hospital-Cambridge University Hospitals NHS),
    • CambridgeSouth Tees Hospitals NHS, MiddlesbroughSouthampton University Hospitals NHS, Southampton

    In North America

    In the United States of America, specifically at CHONY, the children’s hospital in New York, oncologists collaborate with complementary medicine therapists to alleviate pain and treat young patients. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to cure the patients.

    Other hospitals across the United States also provide Reiki healing sessions; the following are some examples:

    • The Center for Integrative Medicine at the Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio
    • Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire,
    • The University of Michigan Hospital at Ann Harbor,
    • The Marine General Hospital north of San Francisco.

    One can find the Registered Nurses’ Reiki Community (RNRC), a recognized association of nurses who are practitioners of Reiki, in the state of Pennsylvania.

    The CAM (alternative and complementary medicine) module is becoming increasingly popular with future student caregivers, much like it is in nursing schools such as the Johns Hopkins University of Nursing.

    AND ELSEWHERE: Reiki has also found its place in various hospitals in Canada and Australia.

    The implementation of Reiki into existing healthcare systems.

    The current method of providing medical care is based on the purchase of pricey technology and medication. Nevertheless, the development of the healthcare industry is geared toward meeting a dual challenge: lowering costs while simultaneously increasing the number of available care options.

    The practice of Reiki care offers several benefits; consequently, medical institutions have begun incorporating it into general care for the following reasons:

    • reduce stress and promote relaxation
    • potentiate therapeutic actions
    • reduce the use of analgesics
    • reduce side or adverse effects related to treatments
    • increase the body’s ability to heal itself

    Another advantage: Reiki treatments do not require any particular material or equipment.

    Therefore, Reiki can find a place in integrative medicine and contribute to developing a more preventive care approach. This will allow for significant improvements in health while simultaneously lowering overall healthcare costs.

    The Positive Effects That Reiki Can Have in a Medical Setting

    Reiki requires no preparation. It applies to every hospital department, such as the operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and other rooms that house inpatients or outpatients.

    Reiki can be integrated at any point during the process, regardless of the treatment being administered. In addition, it does not cause any adverse effects and has no known contraindications.

    It does not intrude on the person’s right to privacy in any way, nor does the person need to change their attire.

    It is not difficult to pass on through an act of casting. The patient’s posture does not matter; they could be sitting, standing, or lying down. There is no connection between the recipient’s state of consciousness and the action of Reiki. It is irrelevant whether or not the patient is currently in a coma.

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