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Is self-hypnosis safe or dangerous?


    The question: Is self-hypnosis safe or dangerous?

    Self-hypnosis is generally safe because you slip into trance states all the time anyway. However, when it comes to someone suffering from mental illness, it’s best they seek a professional. People in a bad headspace aren’t in a position where self-hypnosis would be advisable.

    How is Self-Hypnosis Dangerous

    It’s not really that risky for someone who’s in good health.

    Yes individuals grappling with an illness can be affected. There’s a rationale behind why those with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression should be cautious when it comes to self hypnosis. When you’re in a state of mind and remove your internal filter it can intensify feelings of despair and anxiety because you end up reinforcing them. Even if you try to offer yourself affirmations your underlying negative mindset persists, undermining your efforts.

    I can relate to this.

    Before I pursued hypnosis studies in college (and I suspect most of the people responding to this question lack hypnotherapist training) my anxiety worsened. I was completely unaware of the impact it was having on me. Hypnosis had become a part of my routine without me even realizing it. My preexisting generalized anxiety disorder, which already warranted attention deteriorated significantly.

    It reached a point where I experienced tremors and although sleeplessness had always been an issue it became severe enough to cause health concerns since I was improperly programming my body and mind. It was as if my entire system was, on the brink of shutting down and none of the medications alleviated the situation.I often found myself trembling, spending a deal of my time in a state of unease. It felt like I was teetering on the edge of passing

    Before we delve further it’s crucial to ensure that your mental well being is in a good place.

    Is Self Hypnosis Safe or Dangerous?

    The concept of self hypnosis revolves around the fact that we naturally enter and exit states in our daily lives. Have you ever been engrossed in an activity losing track of time and your surroundings? That’s a form of hypnosis. It can happen while driving immersing yourself in a captivating book watching a movie or when taking a relaxing shower. If you suddenly find yourself not paying attention to where you’re headed it’s like entering a trance state.

    If you wish to induce that “trance” condition it’s essential to understand how to manage your subconscious mind. There are methods available to achieve this and with practice it will become more natural to you.

    Once you can sense a distinction from your stream of conscious thoughts that’s when you know you’ve made progress. Regular practice is key in attaining tranquility and being open, to groundbreaking ideas that could potentially transform your life.I always guide my clients on how to enter a state of consciousness enabling them to become self reliant and independent reducing their need for my assistance. Although I no longer provide this service I now offer subliminals as an alternative.

    Hypnosis is a state that humans experience throughout the day often without even realizing it.

    Have you ever found yourself deeply absorbed in something like a book, movie or play that you completely lost track of time and the world around you? That’s akin to hypnosis.

    When you reach that in between state before falling asleep at night, where you’re not quite awake and not quite asleep you are experiencing a form of hypnosis.

    Have you ever driven your car somewhere. Then struggled to recall the details of the journey? That too is reminiscent of hypnosis.

    Self hypnosis is generally considered safe; however it is important not to attempt it if you’re, in a negative state of mind. In cases it is advisable to seek the help of a trained professional instead.

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