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List of Chakra Crystals


    This post contains a list of chakra crystals and their respective chakra energies.

    Everyone wants to have a clean aura. The best way to do this is to clear and balance your chakras.

    There are many great ways to get your chakras open and charged. However, the easiest way to get your chakras to work better is to use healing crystals.

    If you’re unsure where to start, look at the list below. We’ve made a simple list of the best crystals you can use to balance your chakras.

    How To Use Crystals to Balance Your Chakras

    For chakra healing, all you have to do is put each crystal on or near each chakra. Then, when the stone is near their matching chakra center, the energetic vibration will recognize and improve your chakra.

    You can put each crystal on your energy center and meditate or relax. It depends on you! We like to meditate. Meditation helps you get in touch with your body and send healing energy straight to your chakras.

    For example, choose a stone from the list below representing the throat chakra. Then, put the stone around your neck to realign yourself energetically.

    List of Chakra Crystals

    Crown Chakra Crystals

    • amethyst
    • apophyllite
    • diamond
    • Herkimer diamond
    • kyanite
    • moonstone
    • quartz
    • selenite
    • Any purple or white crystals

    Third Eye Chakra Crystals

    • amethyst
    • azurite
    • Herkimer diamond
    • Indigo Kyanites
    • iolite
    • labradorite
    • lapis lazuli
    • unakites
    • Any indigo or purple crystals

    Throat Chakra Crystals

    • Amazon ite
    • aquamarine
    • Blue Apatite
    • Blue Calcite
    • Blue Lace Agate
    • Blue cyanite
    • Chrysocolla
    • lapis lazuli
    • larimar
    • malachite
    • sodalite
    • Turquoise
    • Any blue stones or crystals

    Heart Chakra Crystals

    • Amazonite
    • aquamarine
    • aventurine
    • bloodstone
    • chrysoprase
    • emerald
    • Green Calcite
    • Green cyanite
    • Green Tourmaline
    • hematite
    • jade
    • malachite
    • moldavite
    • peridot
    • Pink Calcite
    • pink tourmaline
    • Rhodochrosite
    • rhodonite
    • rose quartz
    • zoisite
    • All green or pink crystals

    Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

    • Amber
    • ametrine
    • citrine
    • Golden topaz
    • mookaite
    • Orange carnelian
    • pyrite
    • rutile quartz
    • Sunstone
    • tiger iron
    • tiger eye
    • Yellow Fluorite
    • Yellow labradorite
    • Yellow Jasper
    • Yellow Tourmaline
    • All yellow crystals

    Sacred Chakra Crystals

    • Amber
    • carnelian
    • gold stone
    • orange calcite
    • sunstone
    • All orange crystals

    Root Chakra Crystals

    • Black Tourmaline
    • bloodstone
    • Brown Jasper
    • carnelian
    • garnet
    • hematite
    • jet

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