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Success, Money & Mindset Subliminal

(21 customer reviews)

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A success, money, and mindset subliminal audio that helps you with your motivation, focus, confidence, money consciousness, willingness to aspire for higher, and ability to spot and create lucrative opportunities.

Subliminals carry specific messages that are designed to change your behaviors, attitudes, and actions within a short period of time. These messages bypass your conscious mind and are embedded into your subconscious. This means that you likely won’t notice the subtle automatic changes you make in your behavior, but you will instead notice the benefits and positive changes happening in your life.


Do you struggle with low self-confidence, lack of focus, and motivation? Are you tired of feeling like you’re not living up to your full potential?

Our subliminal audio product is designed to help you embody and inspire confidence, improve your focus and concentration, ignite your motivation and manifestation abilities, increase your self-belief, boost your creativity, and develop an abundance mindset.

With our audio product, you’ll also raise your money consciousness, learn to create and spot opportunities, and influence your business success. You’ll even see improvements in your studying and grades!

Our cutting-edge technology uses subliminal messaging to bypass your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious, allowing you to make positive changes in your life effortlessly.

Simply listen to our audio product each day, and you’ll start to notice a difference in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Invest in yourself and unlock your full potential today!


  • Embody & Inspire Confidence
  • Improve Focus & Concentration
  • Ignite Motivation & Manifestation
  • Increase Self-Belief
  • Higher Creativity
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Raise Money Consciousness
  • Create & Spot Opportunities
  • Influence Business Success
  • Studying & Good Grades


  • x1 Success, Money & Mindset Subliminal Audio Version 2.0
  • x1 Instructions for Subliminal Audio
  • x1 Ebook Subliminal Audios, Self-hypnosis & Autosuggestion (288 pages)

Your purchase will receive updates at no additional cost to you.

All subliminal audios contain anti-piracy measures that nullify non-purchasing users from gaining any of the benefits of stolen product.

Our professional team of sound engineers, hypnotists, and relevant staff have all come together to make you the most powerful mind and life-improving tools you’ll ever listen to.


How long do I have access to the resource?

How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this resource, you can download the resource on as many devices as you’d like, for as long as you like.

When does this start and finish?

It is completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I’m unhappy with the purchase?

I would never want you to be unhappy! But due to the downloadable nature of this product, this purchase is non-refundable.

Disclaimer: Advice provided without warranty. This is NOT medical advice. By watching & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences.

21 reviews for Success, Money & Mindset Subliminal

  1. Deborah

    Thanks for thi Just want I needed!

  2. Winner of ALl Time

    just pop this one on for 30 mins once a week and it seems to bring me good luck and help amplify my positivity when it comes to work.

  3. Marsha

    Been listening to this for nine days. And it works pretty fast. I don’t care what ppl think, don’t hesitate to tell ppl how I feel (if they start with me first) don’t mind being in a crowd of ppl, feel more connected with myself, confidence within is amazing feel as though I can do anything. Who knew this is what being fearless feels like. It brings you out more because your not afraid of nothing. It’s a very beautiful, empowering experience. I see why the powers that be use fear to control ppl it limits you mentally. And therefore you can never see how great you can become within yourself. I’m glad I chose this subliminal. I can’t wait to see what three months brings. I love it.

  4. Barry

    I used it for just 2 weeks and I can already see a big difference in my job. The best part is I do not do over time any more. I am more efficient in my office, which means I have more time for family. Thus my life seems to have improved. I will review again after a month

  5. Dan

    I am still a student and I do not have any exams coming up so I spend a lot of time playing video games online. I feel really bad for all the competitors because I cannot believe how much I am now successful in kicking their ass! Lol! This is what I do mostly, but I have noticed that I am more attentive in the classes and these days I am also realizing how much time I am wasting on playing games and I know from deep inside I should move on to something more productive and yet something enjoyable. I didn’t need this product to tell me, But it was only when I started using this I have had a more positive inner talk that is making me think more like my successful classmates.
    I will continue listening to this for at least 5 months more. Because deep inside I wanted to be a successful person, it is just that I have always been afraid of success. I am not afraid anymore.

  6. Kenneth

    cannot stress enough on how this program helped me get through a very difficult time. I am a professional photographer and business has been down in the past few months and there are many reasons. I may have overestimated few things. I was at a breaking point and I wanted to quit this business as the competition is very stiff. Everybody has a powerful camera in their pocket and the apps they download can make anyone look professional. I have tried I am wealth from this website, though it did increase the flow of money, it was not constant. Luckily I found this page and I purchased it. I could feel how determined I was to turn around this situation and in the first 3 days I renovated my studio with the very little money I had and I made the most out of it, now it looks more professional. Every client who has visited me have returned the next day prepared to shoot photos and I got some more contacts in the following weeks through them. Not everyday is an amazing day. Shit still happens but I can pick myself up and I move on. This is not magically making anything happen for me, It is just making me better at what I am doing and I notice that the little steps I take is being rewarded and then it kinda has a snowball effect on how things pan out for me

  7. KING

    I love this Sub!! It most certainly works!
    Sometimes all you need is an extra boost in life and this gives it to you! Highly Recommended!

  8. Leo

    Improved my business overall. Not magic though, I was just focusing on getting the job well done with more determination. Success was all that I had in my mind. This is the best sub in this store!

  9. Elkym

    The process started off slow and daunting, but after the first week. My good friend said he was trying to reach me for some time to share this amazingingly undiscovered business opportunity that would be perfect for us to get ahead financially with.

    The idea was a hit, we called up a few companies in Florida and Toronto and fast tracking to little over my first month. My business partner is now in Toronto fostering new alliances.

    It’s been almost two months of listening to it and apart from that one experience. I’ve been promoted at my job, I’ve been receiving a more consistent daily cash flow of tips from the type of service based industry where I work that caters to upper class citizens and tourists.

    The process does hit and miss, depending on your mindset. It won’t be instant and you won’t always have all the details to know if it’s going to pull off or not, but you will have and touch with your hands a surplus of money from various outside sources that are including or putting back into you for your extra good customer service.

    My issue however with the program is that more money does equal some/ more problems, as I found myself working the meet and greet for a newly renovated nighttime V.I.P lounge.

    The new manager hired me through a security business another one of my good friends had and has been reluctant to pay on time. Perhaps the bad experience is just in preventing the blockage of your wealth from coming to you bcuz of ppl who are unscrupulous in business themselves. So beware.

    In conclusion. I am wealth, I am not stopping until I transform my life, my family life and even swelling up within me is the desire to improve the quality of life and business opportunities for my country folks.

    I pray success, I believe in this program, am not endorsed by this program, but as an honest buyer seeking to make their life better. This can truly help.

    Everyone’s story will be different on various degrees but it’s worth the journey.

    Success is right around the corner.


  10. Nina B.

    It started working right from day one. The money someone owed me was returned with interest. Then there was a gap of two weeks before I saw any tangible changes or results. I have job with a fixed income, so it is difficult for me to have another source of money unless I created it. I won $150 from scratch card and I got $200 worth of discount coupon. So the money I had invested in this has already been regained through this. Together with my husband we are now working on an online store after I was struck with the realization that I have to make more source of income instead of depending on money from just once source of income. I have not become insanely wealthy or wealthy at all but these files do guide you subconsciously to starting building wealth.

  11. Tracy

    It works! I used it to attract more income in our business and my husband closed a sale and made over $1,000 in a couple of days.
    I don’t know if it is just a coincidence but I am feeling lucky.

  12. Yes

    I can also see a shift in my mindset about money, I now work less hard and more smart, I am educating myself about the flow of money, I listen to tons of audio tapes and I am making my own map and plans for growing financially. I always told myself I had 10% more profits I will blow it on a new car, and till November last year I was eyeing a certain car, then out of the blue I saw an article written by a billionaire who takes part on the tv series shark tank. He said investing on a car is one of the biggest financial mistakes and I agree with him, but unfortunately the part of the world I live in, we do not have the kind of connectivity and shared rides like big cities enjoy hence, I have to still get a car but be more smart. I decided to wait till January to get the car I wanted for a discount by buying previous year’s stock, and I got 12% off!, the need to listen to audio books only came after I started listening to this subliminal. I realize I have been in past too naive with the way I spent money. I am learning to be smart with money now. I have also invested in some business which is now going to pay for my car and I will still have some money left over for shopping essential things. I have also revised the way I shop. Earlier I used to buy a lot of things like I was preparing for apocalypse and then throw them all away when they are expired, I also used to buy a lot of frozen food and still throw them away. I now stock by greens for just a week and buy meat on the day I want to eat them. I can say hundred more things about the changes I see within me but I won’t do it not only because my fingers are tired but I do not want to you to compare your journey to mine as we all have a different life.

  13. Jerrad

    It’s a bit slow compared to the other subs I downloaded from them, but it works.

  14. Stefan

    I don’t procrastinate. The moment I catch myself procrastinating. I snap out of it and do the opposite by giving myself the reasons why I should complete the tasks which I hesitated to complete as opposed to what I should do instead and I can always do it later.

  15. Jean and Kryssy

    This is a very helpful product. I and my wife hit a very rough patch in life and we stumbled upon this website and found this. We do not have the words to express how thankful we are. How this helped us enabled us to identify where we could save money first, then make a solid plan to pay off the debt without hurting us and still try to live as normal as we can. After we completed two months I have moved to I am wealth, while my wife is still listening to this and she keeps continuing to find creative ways to pay off our debt and I have seen a spike in our income.

  16. Proud Father

    I downloaded this for my son and thanks for helping us to download it in correct way to avoid anti piracy affirmations.
    He has been using this for the past sixteen days. He used to be bullied a lot for his color in his old school. We had to change the schools but the experience had left a deep impact which was very negative for his well being. To avoid the placebo effect I told him to just listen to it without revealing the contents nor the fact that this is a subliminal audio. I also told him to keep it a secret. In just three days I noticed him becoming more confident with himself, his voice was becoming more and more clearer, and he told me that would like to spend more time playing after school. This might all be silly for parents who didn’t have to deal with bullies but this means a lot to me. The fact that he is thinking of spending some more time in the campus after school to play is a sign that he is ready to socialize, trust new people and make new friends.
    I want to say that these programs work really fast on younger people. I have used some programs from this website and it took me few weeks to see the results.
    Thank you

  17. Robert E.

    This is awesome. I have been listening to the mp3 files and they really do work. At first my confidence was way to high, the first few days I had to tell myself to calm down, but later I really felt like I was in tune with my heart-brain and it really does help me become more confident about my life. It has not only made me more confident, I feel significantly much more happier, less worried and stressed. This is really helping me live life to the fullest and stop worrying about things that upset me.

  18. Takuya

    I make more efficient and optimal use of my time when it comes to mastering $$making skills. The stuck feeling of my life (running around in circles) has evaporated.

  19. Pam

    It really worked in my situation, I do not know about you.
    I have just one thing to say. It seems to be wanting me to achieve all the goals this product is aiming to achieve, but there is this gap of results that continues to exist from what it wants to help me achieve. One day, my sales are off the charts, the next day it slides down. To be fair, my income did rise to more than 35% since starting this. It just has not made me this super mad rich person this product seems to be advertising. Maybe I am just impatient.

  20. Travis

    This works excellent I have been studying for a certification exam that I failed 4x previously but listening to this for a month and studying I passed with an exceptionally high score this time.

  21. na

    The perfect tool for me help with my focus. I have to use this for only 2 or 3 hours and it works fast.

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