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Reiki and Migraine Healing


    Individuals who suffer from migraines can effectively recognize the symptoms that often disrupt our lives. For those who’re less familiar, with this condition migraines are characterized by throbbing headaches localized on one side of the head occasionally affecting both sides. These headaches are often accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light (photophobia) sensitivity to visual disturbances like dark spots, bright spots, blurred vision or zigzag lines. Moreover temporary mental confusion, ringing in the ears, dizziness and numbness or tingling in an arm or side of the body can also manifest as signs of a migraine although they occur frequently.

    We commonly refer to some of these signs and symptoms as migraine warning signs since they usually dissipate once the pain commences. The duration of an attack can vary significantly ranging from minutes to prolonged episodes lasting several days. Migraine episodes that recur up to 14 times within a month are classified as migraines while chronic migraines entail enduring pain for least 15 days or more each month.

    According to data provided by the Ministry of Health research studies indicate that migraines affect 5 to 25 percent of women and, around 10 percent of men.Children can also be affected by this illness with rates ranging from 3 to 10%, for both boys and girls. However as they grow older and enter puberty girls are more likely to experience migraines.

    During the ages of 25 to 45 individuals who suffer from migraines are more prone to experiencing this phase of the disease. After the age of 50 this percentage tends to decrease although its generally observed but not a definitive rule.

    While doctors hold the belief that migraines are linked to changes in the brain and have a suspicion of influence the precise causes of migraines remain unknown. Migraine episodes commonly commence when nerve cells react to stimuli and transmit impulses to blood vessels resulting in their dilation. This process leads to the release of substances like prostaglandins and other inflammatory chemicals ultimately causing pain.

    The swelling of blood vessels often triggers concerns among individuals when it comes to migraines. However there is no need for worry because migraines do not pose any health risks. They merely bring discomfort through pain with varying intensities that might hinder ones ability to engage in activities.

    Certain medical professionals theorize that consuming alcohol, practicing fasting and drinking coffee can be attributed as the triggers, for migraine attacks.The causes of migraine attacks vary significantly from person, to person as reported by individuals who experience them. Emotional states have an impact on our behavior. For instance feelings of nervousness, anxiety, stress or being highly excitable can provoke migraines. Other factors include changes in sleep patterns (either sleeping more or less than usual) and prolonged fasting. Additionally certain foods and substances such as cheese, chocolate, red wine, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, citrus fruits, processed meats, fried foods, excessive fats, specific teas (like tea) soft drinks with glue bases and scented perfumes can act as triggers.

    Given that there is no cure for migraines seeking professional help from a neurologist is crucial. They can offer a diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment options based on thorough examinations.

    The Role of Reiki in Migraine Treatment

    Reiki a method aimed at balancing, restoring and enhancing well being holds potential in the management of migraines.

    Through reiki we can foster a state of harmony within ourselves while strengthening our systems. It revolves around the concept of balancing both yin and yang energies within us. Achieving equilibrium between these energies is vital, for health as it naturally guides us towards well being.In maintaining our well being it is crucial for our bodies to achieve a state of balance referred to as the harmonizing of yin and yang energies. When our body reaches this equilibrium it becomes capable of generating the remedies to counteract harm.

    The remarkable capacity of our bodies to produce endorphins renders the need for medication to alleviate headaches unnecessary. Similarly our system can naturally generate melatonin eliminating the requirement, for sleep aids. Serotonin and dopamine which are internally produced by our bodies negate the necessity for antidepressants. It is worth noting that induced factors like nervousness, stress and anxiety can contribute to migraines. By embracing Reiki practices we facilitate the process of harmonizing, balancing and restoring peace, tranquility and relaxation. Consequently by fostering these attributes we enhance our ability to enjoy a nights sleep and effectively prevent migraine episodes.

    Furthermore through Reikis facilitation of yin and yang energy balance resulting in equilibrium our bodies gain the ability to naturally generate endorphins that provide relief from headaches.

    In a vein nausea and vomiting often afflict individuals. Depending on the severity of these episodes they can lead to discomfort in the stomach and even affect liver function (as attested by anecdotes and experiences). Reiki serves as a catalyst for our bodys response and restoration mechanisms bringing us back, into a state of equilibrium to regaining health.The improvement, in organ, gland and artery function occurs as a result of Reikis ability to balance chakras, cleanse meridians and promote an energy flow. Moreover Reiki aids in restoring blood vessels associated with migraines back to their state. It is important to note that when a patient incorporates medication Reiki serves as a complement, to the treatment rather than impeding its effectiveness. This combined approach can lead to more results.

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