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Reiki Breathing: Inhale & Exhale Healing


    Our brains often engage in processes such as contemplating, analyzing, critiquing, exploring, providing guidance and reaching conclusions. However amidst all this activity we often overlook the fundamental element that ensures our continued existence. Therefore it becomes crucial to focus on revitalizing our bioenergy system to sustain the functioning of our cells.

    Breathing plays a role in maintaining our life and preserving the well being of our bioenergy system. Hence it can be considered a component of our life force.

    The term “pranayama” frequently appears in the context of yoga and meditation referring to the concept of “life force.” Pranayama stems from the Sanskrit language wherein “prana” denotes breath or life force. Consequently pranayama can be interpreted as an “expansion of life force” as it combines “prana” with “Ayama ” meaning expansion or extension. This yogic practice can be traced back to Bharat (now India) and Hinduism. It is widely recognized that pranayama involves mastering control over ones breath to cultivate relaxation energy, towards specific parts of the body and enhance the longevity that accompanies this directed energy flow throughout the body.All yoga breathing exercises, ranging from texts like Patanjalis Yoga Sutras to contemporary yoga practices aim to promote the harmonious integration of body and mind. The ultimate objective of these exercises is to achieve a state of awareness. Breathing techniques can be employed for purposes, such as clearing ones mind restoring calmness after physical exertion deepening breath for prolonged physical activity cooling down breath post exertion and purifying breath to enhance mental clarity. Each method of breathing serves to deactivate the nervous system, which prevents mental interference and facilitates oxygen flow to the most intricate parts of the bioenergy system. Conscious breathing plays a role not just in yoga, where it serves as a deliberate aid to practice but also in other disciplines. For instance conscious breathing can open up the center of the heart. Induce relaxation in the lower abdomen.

    In Reiki Breathing, for Self Treatment Meditation:

    Find a position, whether seated or preferably lying down. Irrespective of your chosen posture be mindful of aligning your spine, neck and hips.

    Close your eyes.Focus your attention on your breath listen to it feel its gentle rhythm and allow it to guide you. Ensure that with each inhalation your chest expands naturally while engaging your muscles. Similarly with each exhalation gently draw your navel toward your spine while continuing to engage your muscles. Take a moment to repeat this process two or three times allowing it to feel effortless and organic.

    Now imagine yourself administering a Reiki treatment to yourself using the power of touch. Begin by placing your hands on your eyes and gradually move them downward following a path towards your abdomen. Start at the point and gradually work your way down.

    As you place your hands on parts of your body take a moment to experience their presence and notice how they interact with each area. Feel the texture of your skin beneath your hands as you touch your face, head, neck, upper chest, chest, abdomen and lower abdomen.

    Throughout this practice maintain your focus on the ebb and flow of your breath. Allow it to harmonize with the movements of your hands in any given position. This synchronization will enable the breath to permeate into your bioenergy system just like Reiki.

    Upon completing the self treatment session conclude by resting one hand on your upper chest and another hand, on your lower abdomen. Take a moments to consciously breathe in this position. Inhale deeply. Exhale fully three times while maintaining a sense of awareness.

    When you feel ready to conclude the session cross your hands over each other. Place them gently on your chest. Continue holding this position as you take three conscious breaths honoring the essence of this soothing practice.To ensure your magnetic field envelops the aura surrounding you it’s important to incorporate techniques and symbols during Reiki breathing meditation. Here’s a guide to follow:

    1. Begin the exercise by selecting Reiki symbols that resonate with you in the moment. Allow these symbols to naturally enter your being as you synchronize them with your breath. Commence at the crown chakra progressing downward towards the root chakra all while staying attuned to your breaths rhythm.
    2. Proceed with the exercise by following steps I through III as mentioned previously.
    3. Prioritize an well defined intention within your mind. Choose a Reiki symbol that aligns with this purpose. Visualize this symbol in your thoughts while focusing on your breathing. As you mentally draw the symbol before you permit it to traverse across your crown chakra.
    4. During the inhalation allow the symbol to travel in reverse within your body reaching the root chakra, in perfect harmony with each breath intake. Pay attention to engaging your muscles during this phase.
    5. As you release your breath completely envision the symbol ascending through your chakras. It initiates its ascent from the base. Gradually progresses upwards towards the crown chakra.
    6. For results repeat this entire process three times. This repetition will help you familiarize yourself with the breathing patterns and integration of the symbol.

    By following these steps you can enhance the effectiveness of Reiki breathing meditation and harmonize your energy centers more effectively.Keep following the approach, for the next ten minutes or thereabouts. Keep doing this for long as you think it’s suitable and it feels like something a human would do. Once you complete this meditation gently rest one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen. To complete the process take breaths and cross one foot over the other.

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