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Should I learn reiki healing?


    When someone is just starting in the practice of Reiki, one of the most common concerns is whether or not they can perform the techniques. A capacity for meditation, rather than intellectual ability or lack thereof, is required to practice Reiki successfully. Beyond this, it is a practice that everyone should follow.

    Have you ever wondered if you can do reiki? Have you questioned whether or not you are qualified to access said knowledge and learning? Do you have doubts about whether you will be able to achieve it? Well, you shouldn’t be bothering yourself. If there is something good about reiki beyond the well-being it can generate in a person, it is that anyone can learn it.

    There is no need for mysterious spells, exclusive memberships, or paranormal powers to be able to learn reiki and, little by little, become a master and access the different levels. Above all things, you need to want to learn and get involved in the practice. As with any discipline in life, right? Beyond this, it is always good to consider a series of issues that can help you.

    Some things to keep in mind when learning Reiki:

    • The meditative capacity is one of the important points: As it is not an intellectual activity but rather a meditative connection, anyone can, by doing the correct learning, learn it. Moreover, it is passed from teacher to student, so it doesn’t take years of practice. For this reason, anyone can carry it out as soon as it happens.
    • Learning is the key: The ability to heal through reiki comes from learning itself, not individual talent or acquired skill. For this reason, the most important thing is being directly connected with the healing energy and the need to apply it.
    • The teaching, in person: Those who want to teach you reiki by mail, on the web, or via a brochure is misleading and probably just want your money. Reiki is learned in person and by establishing a proper connection with your teacher on duty, the one you have chosen.
    • Reiki does not replace the doctor: Although the work on the energy that Reiki does in the person is largely positive, even being able to help treat some pathologies, it is also true that Reiki is not intended to replace the doctor. Who imparts reiki is not a doctor, and reiki is not medicine; one thing does not replace the other, and both are complementary.
    • Choose a method and a good teacher: There are many chatterboxes in this environment, as in any other life. This is why it is very worthwhile to look at the parchments that the teacher who will give you his teaching has. Make sure you have studied and have accreditation. Then, it has been said that it will be time to choose the method (karuna, Usui, etc.) you like the most and take the courses.
    • There are no prerequisites: Beyond all these keys and issues that can bring you closer to the practice of Reiki, there is no requirement that prevents you from being part of this beautiful discipline based on spiritual purity and connection with energy.

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