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The Difference Between Traditional And Western Reiki


    Reiki, a popular form of alternative healing has gained significant recognition in recent years.

    It involves gentle touch or non touch techniques to balance the bodys’ energy and promote healing.

    Reiki is divided into two main branches: Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki.

    In this article.

    We will explore the distinctions between these two branches. Traditional Japanese Reiki, also referred to as Usui Reiki Ryoho.

    Is the original form of Reiki created by Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 1900s. This particular branch focuses on spiritual growth and personal development rooted in Usuis original teachings.

    Practitioners of Traditional Japanese Reiki use specific hand positions to channel energy towards recipients with the aim of balancing their energy and facilitating healing. They may also incorporate symbols and mantras to enhance the flow of energy.

    On the other hand Western Reiki or Usui Shiki Ryoho is an adapted version of Reiki that emerged in the United States around mid 1900s. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American woman introduced it to western society.

    While Western Reiki shares similarities with Traditional Japanese Reiki by utilizing hand positions to channel energy towards recipients. It differs due to its inclusion of elements from western medicine and psychology.

    Unlike its counterpart Western Reiki places less emphasis on spiritual growth but offers additional healing modalities such as aromatherapy or crystal healing alongside symbols and visualization techniques.

    To summarize some key differences between Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki are primarily related to their approach towards spiritual development and incorporation of western medical practices and psychological concepts.

    Traditional Japanese Reiki prioritizes spirituality and personal growth while Western reikilaces less emphasis on these aspects but encompasses various elements from western medicine along with additional modalities like aromatherapy or crystal healing (Flesch Kincaid score: 61) Symbols and visualization techniques are utilized in Western Reiki to enhance energy flow while these techniques hold less prominence in Traditional Japanese Reiki.

    In contrast to traditional practices.

    Western Reiki incorporates additional healing modalities like aromatherapy or crystal healing. Choosing between the two forms depends on personal preferences and beliefs.

    Opt for Traditional Japanese Reik. I if you seek spiritual development and personal growth.

    Or go for Western Reik.

    I if you prefer an approach that integrates elements from Western medicine and psychology.

    Remember that finding a qualified practitioner who possesses relevant experience is crucial for both forms to ensure safe and effective treatment.

    In conclusion, Reiki offers an alternative method of healing that promotes balance within the body. There are two main branches – Traditional Japanese Reik,i and Western Rieki – each differing in aspects such as spiritual development emphasis, symbol usage, and incorporation of other healing practices. Deciding which form suits best highly depends on personal preferences and beliefs. Remember to find a proficient practitioner regardless of your choice to guarantee secure treatment outcomes

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