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The Purpose of Chakra Crystals


    Let’s briefly go over the purpose of chakra crystals.

    When faced with unpredictability, many people look for ways to alleviate their stress and anxiety. During times like these, we become aware of alternative forms of treatment, such as crystal healing.

    The idea of using crystals as a form of medicine dates back centuries, but it has gained popularity in more recent times. This is especially the case since several famous people, such as Jenna Dewan, have become devotees of the practice and have made public appearances showcasing their crystal collections.

    During a crisis, an energetic, emotional, mental, and even physical imbalance can be identified and resolved with the help of crystal healing, as Antónia Mataloto and Rosário Ribeiro of the esoteric store Kristal Natur explain to MAGG.

    “This whole process of healing is ongoing, and it requires us to be able to tune our vibrations with those of the crystals. By doing so, we not only boost our energy levels but also manage to channel it in the desired direction “.

    They explain that once we reach this level, we become more active and aware participants in the entire process and achieve more balance and inner harmony.

    “By acquiring the strength necessary to break the pattern when it presents itself again, we could see what behaviors or motives triggered this imbalance. This allowed us to understand what caused the imbalance in the first place.”


    What are the benefits of crystals?

    Antónia and Rosário guarantee that the main objective is “to achieve a greater sense of well-being and mental tranquility.”

    Paulo says the benefits are many and always vary from person to person.

    “There has to be a common empathy between the crystal and the person for this ‘magic’ to happen. Then just let it happen.”

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