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What are chakra crystals?


    Usually, one or more stones are connected to each chakra.

    Working with chakra stones or crystals is based on the idea that each stone serves to amplify or balance the energy center on which it is centered.

    For instance, we will use stones for the heart chakra to work on the fourth chakra.

    When selecting a healing crystal, consider the stone’s energetic properties, color, and any intuitive or personal resonances you may have with it.

    The most significant energetic centers of our subtle anatomy are the chakras. These are constantly moving, absorbing outside energy and restoring equilibrium to our own. They interact with everything constantly. Therefore, the seven chakras are the centers that distribute all of our energy throughout our body. From the base of the spine to our head, they are arranged in a vertical line. Each with distinctive qualities. The regular energy rhythm becomes “out of sync” when one of them is out of equilibrium. When this occurs, imbalances in the physical, emotional, or mental levels start to show.

    A very intense emotional experience, continuous exposure to harmful energy, unfavorable beliefs and thoughts that affect our emotions, a poor diet, constant exposure to harmful energy, and other factors can throw a chakra out of balance.

    Some chakras are frequently out of balance, weaker, or low in energy daily due to our rhythm and quality of life.

    We experience joy, peace, and serenity when our chakras are fully open and balanced. We feel a sense of connection with ourselves, which enables us to view the world with more love and compassion.

    Our chakras can be balanced easily so you can perform independently at home. Through the use of stones from the chakras connected to each energy point, Gem Therapy can balance and heal them. Each Chakra is linked to a group of minerals whose frequency is more in tune with the chakra’s harmonic state, promoting the chakra’s healthy movement and operation.

    All you have to do is find a relaxed position, preferably lying down. Put the appropriate mineral in the chakra you want to heal, and wait 20 minutes. Working with one for a full week is ideal because this makes the effects more noticeable and long-lasting. You could try a 7-week treatment in which you treat each chakra with its corresponding mineral once a week to achieve total balance. With the Chakra Stones, this would be a complete balancing exercise.

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