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What are chakra healing crystals?


    Let’s go over what are chakra healing crystals.

    What are Healing Crystals?

    Crystals can be considered healing if they have a therapeutic value and can be applied to areas of your life that cause you to experience discomfort or suffering. These could be relatively minor body ailments, such as headaches, or emotional issues, such as stress.

    Crystals used for healing can assist you in releasing blocked negative energies and re-establishing the flow of positive energies through your body.

    The following are some illustrations of how to work with crystals and healing energies.

    What Are Chakras?

    The word “wheel,” which comes from the Sanskrit language, is where we get the word “chakra,” referring to the rotations around these points.

    Energy doesn’t like to stay still!

    There are seven chakra points, beginning with the root chakra at the bottom of the spine and ending with the crown chakra at the very top of the head.

    The root chakra is considered to be the most fundamental. It is essential to ensure that the flow of energy through these chakras is not impeded in any way, as the energies within them vibrate at varying speeds. If chakras are out of balance, the person will feel off-kilter and may experience various symptoms.


    List of Chakras & Healing Crystals

    • 1st Chakra – smokey quartz
    • 2nd Chakra – tiger’s eye
    • 3rd Chakra – citrine
    • 4th Chakra – rose quartz
    • 5th Chakra – sodalite
    • 6th Chakra – clear quartz
    • 7th Chakra – amethyst

    If you want to bring something to fruition – perhaps love or physical abundance – you can look for a stone with the appropriate energy. Crystals will not magically grow things, but they can support you and remind you of your intentions.

    7 Chakra Healing Stones

    Below is a list of seven chakra healing stones and the benefits they impart:


    This purple beauty has a calming and relaxing energy. This makes it a fantastic stone to use during meditation. It is also said that this stone can help you break through the noise and use your intuition and inner knowing. This is a good crystal for when you are just starting your spiritual discovery.


    Citrine radiates light and warmth with its golden-orange hue. Therefore, it is no surprise that this is an uplifting crystal. It can help you get through the negativity and ease stress and anxiety.

    Rock crystal

    Rock crystal is said to be an ideal stone for anyone who wants to gain a better perspective and a richer understanding. The wave of cleansing energy that the rock crystal sends through all your chakras helps you to release negative energy.


    Jade is a green stone that increases abundance in your life. This crystal radiates a beautiful cleansing power and is not without reason for the nickname ‘Stone of Heaven.’


    The soothing color of the moonstone evokes memories of water. This is logical because the stone has enormous purifying power. Like its namesake, the Moon, this stone carries nurturing, feminine energy that can be used to free your inner goddess.


    Black obsidian is considered a very protective stone. It is a wonderful helper if you embark on a new path in your life and are looking for safety and grounding.

    Rose quartz

    Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. It is one of the best stones to use with relationship problems, emotional trauma, healing your inner child, and other emotional issues. This crystal’s soothing nature and calming effects will bring you peace and tranquility. Place Rose Quartz in your home or office to keep the atmosphere harmonious and peaceful.