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What are the 7 chakra crystals?


    In this article, we answer the question: “What are the seven chakra crystals?”

    What are Chakra Crystals & Chakra?

    There are seven primary chakras, all arranged in a line perpendicular to the spinal column and in sync with the flow of the Kundalini energy.

    In addition to being in charge of the body’s energy, each chakra is also accountable for the health of a particular organ or organ system as well as the general physical condition of the human body.

    Each has its color, which is connected to the elements and helps determine a person’s leanings and even the characteristics that make up their personality.

    A person’s life, health, mental state, and spiritual development can shift in one direction or another depending on the degree to which their chakras have developed and opened.

    Each chakra is a unique channel of color power that carries a flow of vital energy. Chakras can be found throughout the body. These are ethereal organs that function through thoughts and emotions outside the body.


    A person’s chakras must be in harmony and free of obstructions to experience feelings of serenity and contentment. When this condition exists, nothing stands in the way of the free flow of energy, and there is no deficiency in either one’s physical or mental capabilities.

    But, on the other hand, if there are impediments in the flow of energies, we can speak of a chakra or chakras being blocked, which is invariably accompanied by discomfort and sometimes the appearance of serious diseases.

    When working with the chakras, one should make an effort to mentally picture each chakra as being in a state of calm and clarity before moving on to the next. Another option is combining this with a series of Reiki exercises or massages designed to stimulate energy flow.

    Biostimulant stones are recommended if a particular chakra’s functioning is out of whack; these stones are positioned on the energy center, water is drawn on them, worn as jewelry, and kept in the house.

    What Are The 7 Chakra Stones


    This chakra affects the pelvic organs, the musculoskeletal system, promotes an active will to live and all its physical manifestations, and lends confidence in life and stability in life position.


    This chakra controls the intestines, kidneys, and genitourinary system. It is responsible for love for the opposite sex, sensual satisfaction and pleasure, sexuality, and reserves of sexual energy.


    This chakra affects the liver, spleen, stomach, and other digestive system organs. Associated with the will, the ability to control one’s emotions, and the development of constructive imagination.


    This chakra affects the cardiovascular system, chest, spine, and arms, promotes love for people, openness, sensuality, and strengthens the will to transform the world positively.


    This chakra affects the respiratory organs, throat, speech and hearing organs, skin integuments, promotes the self-assertion of the individual in society and his professional ambitions, his sociability, helps to satisfy his needs independently, and brings a sense of satisfaction with himself and the world around him.


    The sixth chakra is the center of the third eye.

    Governs the physical condition of the eyes, ears, and nose. Responsible for intuition, or inner knowledge, when a person knows without realizing how he knows it and why everything should be that way. This is the center of truth, which allows you to intuitively predict the outcome of a situation, leaving aside emotions or desires.

    This energy is accumulated for clairvoyance and other extrasensory abilities.


    The seventh chakra is the crown center.

    This chakra is located at the crown of the head, and its energy resonates under the influence of purple and violet. Responsible for the state of the skull, brain, and pituitary gland, for connecting a person with his destiny, a unique path on earth.

    The crown center acts as a personal compass, helping a person navigate the path of life. The energy radiated from this chakra acts as a transmitter, drawing people towards or away from a person’s life destiny.

    On an esoteric level, this center connects a person with his higher self and provides energy for creativity and imaginative thinking. It is also responsible for the disclosure of spiritual potential.

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