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What are the chakra crystals?


    Let’s briefly go over what are the chakra crystals.

    What are the Chakra Crystals

    The term “wheel of light” is what “Chakra” means when translated from its Sanskrit origin. These energy vortices are known as chakras and can be found all over our bodies in line with our spinal column. Each chakra serves as a kind of “energetic door,” and through these doors, we can have energetic exchanges not only with other people but also with the world.

    Because our energy is constantly being exchanged with that of others, coming into contact with people whose energy vibrations are different from ours can sometimes create excessive blocks or openings, which in turn causes us to feel out of balance. In addition, because each chakra is associated with a different facet of our being, disturbances in any one of them will manifest as difficulties in the aspect it governs.

    Each chakra is associated with one of the seven colors of the rainbow.

    Placing a crystal of the appropriate color atop each chakra is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to restore the chakras to their natural state of harmony.

    The crystals strengthen the energetic vibration of each chakra, which in turn helps restore the chakra to its natural state of harmony.

    Crystals have properties that magicians and alchemists have investigated since ancient times; however, much of their knowledge was lost during the Middle Ages when magicians were persecuted.

    The connection between the color of a crystal and its identity has emerged as a central theme in research on crystals that has continued up to the present day. Crystals and color have a close connection since each hue has a specific purpose and a unique set of curative qualities.

    Details on the 7 Chakras & Healing Crystals

    1st Chakra

    Crystal: Black Tourmaline or red crystals, such as Red Jasper and Fire Agate, or black, such as Onyx and Hematite.

    • Located in the genital area, corresponding to the base of the spine
    • Makes the connection with the Earth, helps us to have stability and security
    • Reinforces our confidence and protects

    2nd Chakra

    Crystal: Carnelian or other orange crystals, such as Calcite or Moonstone

    • Located in the lower abdomen, below the navel
    • Related to the expression of our sexuality and our desires, also helps us to relate well to others
    • Helps us to live in the present, brings courage

    3rd Chakra

    Crystal: Citrine and other yellow crystals, such as Yellow Jasper

    • Located in the solar plexus, above the stomach
    • Relates to our self-esteem, personal power, and the image we have of ourselves
    • Helps us to have joy in life and self-love

    4th Chakra

    Crystal: Aventurine or green stones

    • In the center of the chest, next to the heart
    • Relates to our feelings and affections, with the love we feel for ourselves and others
    • Helps us to live with love and have effective harmony

    5th Chakra

    Crystal: Sodalite or clear blue crystals such as Aquamarine or Chrysocolla.

    • Located at the base of the throat
    • Relates to communication, speech, expression
    • Helps us to communicate well and easily express our ideas

    6th Chakra

    Crystal: Amethyst or violet or pink crystals, or very dark blue, such as Lapis Lazuli

    • Located between the eyebrows
    • Relates to intuition, with the ability to understand what surrounds us
    • Develops intuition and sensitivity

    7th Chakra

    Crystal: Transparent Quartz or purple crystals

    • Located at the top of the head
    • Relates to our higher self, the most spiritual dimension of our being
    • Helps us to be more aware of who we are and our place in the world, protects us from energies harmful

    10 Steps to Balance Your Chakras

    1. Find a quiet place in your home.
    2. Turn off your cell phone or electrical appliances.
    3. Lie on the floor (or on the bed if you are more comfortable). Avoid using pillows unless it is uncomfortable to be without them.
    4. While lying down, place each crystal on the corresponding body part.
    5. Close your eyes.
    6. Inhale and imagine a white light entering your body and passing through each chakra.
    7. As it passes through the 7 chakras, this light gains the color that corresponds to it: in the crown, it is luminous and almost transparent. On the forehead, it is purple. In the throat, it is blue. In the heart, it is green. In the solar plexus, it is yellow. The lower belly is orange and finally comes out through the back of the spine, like a red light.
    8. When you breathe out, feel that light taking away from you everything negative.
    9. Inhale and exhale for a few minutes if you fall asleep, fine!
    10. When finished, run your crystals under running water and then let them dry in the sunlight. Then, on the next Full Moon night, leave them on the windowsill to energize themselves again.

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