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What are the methods of self-hypnosis?


    The question is: What are the methods of self-hypnosis?

    Self-Hypnosis is the act of putting yourself in a state where you are most open to suggestion so that you can access your subliminal mind to alter your attitudes and behaviors. The two most common methods are (1) listening to subliminals and (2) following the general steps for self-hypnosis that we have laid out below.

    13 Steps for Self-Hypnosis

    1. Get comfy. Dressing in a manner that makes you feel more at ease and comfortable should be one of your primary goals when getting ready in the morning. The clothing you wear won’t help you relax if they are scratchy, stiff, too tight, or too heavy.

    2. Determine the most advantageous position. Find a space you can call your own that won’t be disturbed by noise or other people, and make yourself home there. Put your phone on vibrate and choose a spot to sit that is comfortable, one that supports your back and does not make you feel claustrophobic. After you have done that, turn your phone to quiet.

    3. Set your target. What do you want to achieve via the practice of self-hypnosis? You should go into the exercise with a particular goal: raise your self-esteem, improve the quality of sleep you obtain, or break a habit. Likewise, you should go into the workout with a specific goal in mind.

    4. Bring your vision into focus. Find anything basic in your line of sight that you can concentrate on, or create your own point of concentration by hammering a colored thumbtack into the wall, lighting a candle, and focusing on the candle’s flame.

    5. Start inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. While keeping your eyes focused on the area, you wish to concentrate on, inhale with your nose, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Do all of this while maintaining a steady gaze. Continue to breathe normally while thinking that the weight of your eyelids is growing with each exhale. This will help you relax your eyelids. Carry on repeating this until it becomes impossible to maintain the open position.

    6. Continue to relax. You should keep your mind from wandering by closing your eyes, maintaining a calm, steady breathing rhythm, and concentrating your attention on your breath simultaneously. Bring your focus back to your breathing whenever you become aware that it has strayed away from where it should be. Imagine that the tension in any part of your body that feels especially tight is being moved away with each exhale, and be sure to practice this technique anytime you feel the need to.

    7. Visualize. Utilizing your senses will allow you to cultivate a peaceful “happy place” in your mind. For example, you can visualize yourself taking a leisurely walk along a beach, relaxing amid a meadow filled with flowers, or biting into a slice of melon that is both juicy and delicious. You might even envelop yourself in clouds of calming colors if that’s more your style.

    8. Remain in the moment for a little longer than you normally would. Imagine that your body is starting to feel fairly heavy, much as it does when you are getting ready to fall asleep, yet at the same time, as a consequence of your vision, you are beginning to feel more at peace. If it helps, try envisioning yourself gently sinking into the chair or sofa you’re sitting on. If it doesn’t work, try another visualization.

    9. Reassure yourself that you are in an even-keeled state. Reciting a mantra to oneself, such as “I am calm” or “I am at peace.” may be an effective technique for reducing stress.

    10. Maintain your forward momentum in the pursuit of your goal. When you have reached a state of complete calm, you can use visualization to assist you in concentrating on what you need to do to accomplish your goal. Don’t skimp on the specifics; try to paint a realistic picture of the scenario you’re describing. Trying to sleep better? Imagine that you have just crawled into bed, and your wonderful sheets are around you. You should be able to hear the fan’s hum as you quietly exhale in the dark and make your way toward sleep. The darkness is chilly, and the air is still.

    11. Restate the overarching goal that you have set for yourself. While seeing yourself achieving your goal, keep telling yourself positive affirmations in your brain, such as “I am speaking with self-assurance, and I do not feel nervous,” “I am sleeping peacefully through the night,” or “I do not want to smoke.” I do not crave a cigarette. As you say these lines repeatedly, send loving and supportive thoughts to yourself.

    12. Give your body the time it needs to return to operating normally. After about five minutes, you should be ready to break free from the hypnotic condition. Imagine that each time you take a breath in, you are drawing in energy from the atmosphere around you and that each time you let out your breath, you are releasing that energy into your body so that it can be used by your cells. As a result, your limbs will continue to experience a sense of lightness with each breath you take until they revert to their normal condition.

    13. Wake yourself. Start counting down from 10 and tell yourself, “When I reach one, I will open my eyes feeling energized and alert.” When you get to one, start counting. Start counting down from ten to one.

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