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What are the Reiki Principles?


    Reiki is a philosophy of life, not just a healing technique. Accessing this awareness is as simple as connecting with your heart and as difficult as breaking free from the mind’s traps. They are simple premises with a lot of meaning, and when examined carefully, especially when experienced with openness, they have the power to change our lives. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

    Discover the Five Reiki Principles

    1. Just for today, don’t worry

    Releasing worries is not a simple task. It requires a very high level of trust. The first principle talks about this: have faith in the divine and release all expectations and need for control. What are pre-occupations for if not to undermine our thoughts and block our connection to our heart? It’s no use worrying, so give yourself body and soul to this experience. If today is all we have, just for today, don’t worry.

    2. Just for today, don’t be angry

    It’s not about not feeling angry or denser emotions but about the emotional intelligence needed to manage your feelings. When this anger or upset appears, we can direct that energy to something beneficial, or else we can brood over the situation and suffer for it. Seek to create within you almost unshakable tranquility, with the awareness that this change is a process and a state to cultivate for a life with more peace. Reacting when we are angry is never the best option. Our state of mind influences our choices, and we end up co-creating an unwanted reality. So just for today, try not to get angry.

    3. Just for today, be grateful

    Be grateful. Gratitude is a high vibrating feeling that has the power to transform us completely. We can always look for what is missing or be grateful for everything that has already happened, everything we are and conquered. There are always reasons to be grateful, and when we do that, we open the way for abundance to bring a sense of fulfillment to our lives. So, just for today, try to recognize the blessings that already exist in your life.

    4. Just for today, be diligent and honest in your work

    Our work is a very important part of our lives, and this principle speaks of how a Reikian should seek to see this aspect. What turns a job into great service is not what you do but how you do it. When we dedicate ourselves and do our best, we feel we are taking our place in the world, bringing us a great sense of accomplishment. Therefore, working on something that doesn’t make sense is against this principle. After all, how can I be honest and apply when I’m not satisfied with what I do? What does your excitement drive you to do? This is the direction of finding a job that can be done with total dedication and truth.

    5. Just for today, be kind to all beings

    To treat other beings with kindness is to treat me with kindness. What we do to others, we are doing to ourselves. So when we are kind to each other, we feel fulfilled and complete. This kindness needs to be sincere and come from the heart, as you can’t fake a feeling like this. The Universe communicates by vibration, and when the intention to give is genuine and sincere, we will receive the same vibration back. Kindness generates kindness is the purest truth. Let’s try to practice.

    These five principles contain a lot of wisdom and transformation, and despite their apparent simplicity, applying them in our lives is a huge challenge. It is a process that requires our energy, will, and dedication every day, just like everything else in life. After all, it’s all about the journey, about doing your best “just for today” and trusting that this is all we need to be at peace and assume our cosmic and divine essence.

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