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What Hypnosis CAN and CAN NOT Do

    What Can You Do While Listening to Subliminals

    People who reach out to me looking for assistance for themselves or a loved one often pose several questions to me during our conversation.

    What hypnosis can and can not do and the areas in which it may be of use are two of the most often asked questions.

    I’m going to do my best to answer this question for you today, and in addition to that, I’m going to give you a ton of resources that you can look into for additional information based on my nearly 14 years of experience helping people with a wide variety of problems and obstacles that they want to conquer.

    To set the stage for my responses, I want to tell you a little about myself and my work so that you can understand where I’m coming from. My first experience with hypnosis was in 2004, when I sought assistance in overcoming a difficult and counterproductive personal habit and a difficulty in my life.

    Second, I believe I am a very rational person with an analytical and curious mind. Therefore, I am wary and cautious of anything that is wrapped in mystique yet does not provide proof.

    Therefore, to find an answer to the query “how exactly does this operate,” I question everything. However, I have a feeling that this is also the reason why you landed on this website.

    My practice of hypnosis is limited to providing therapeutic assistance to clients; I do not engage in stage hypnosis or any other type of entertainment that uses hypnosis. However, as a Certified Hypnotist working in the field, I take the duties of my job very seriously. Throughout my career, I’ve utilized hypnosis to assist people in resolving significant life issues and breaking destructive patterns of behavior.

    After this piece, I will give you links to further reading that addresses these topics so you can understand them comprehensively.

    What Hypnosis Can and Can’t Do

    When administered by an experienced hypnotist to a client who wants to make changes in their life, hypnosis may be a useful technique for assisting individuals in overcoming destructive behavior patterns and achieving desirable results. Hypnosis accomplishes this goal by cooperating with the unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind).

    The subconscious and the conscious mind are aspects of the same thing: the human psyche. Consider your conscious mind to be the portion of your brain on which you only depend to make judgments when awake. It’s the part of your brain that’s responsible for critical thinking.

    Imagine your unconscious mind as the portion of your brain responsible for ensuring that your body continues to work when you are sleeping, even if you are not consciously aware of it, such as your breathing.

    Your subconscious mind is responsible for not only the formation of habits but also the automation of those habits and the activation of those habits. This allows your conscious mind to focus on other aspects of your day.

    When it comes time to make choices and judgments during the day, the conscious mind will often consult the unconscious for assistance. This interaction between the two is generally beneficial and wholesome for you, and it shields you from the risk of experiencing any negative effects.

    However, if we wish to make adjustments in our lives, this connection might become a barrier, as you will see in the following paragraphs.

    Hypnosis may assist you in modifying the patterns that your unconscious mind has formed for you through time while allowing you to bypass the conscious, critical thinking mind. It does this by putting you into a state of relaxation, to the point that it quietens the conscious mind to get around the protective function of critical thinking.

    When working with a client, a hypnotist utilizes various techniques to induce the state of calm essential for hypnosis to be successful. Once the client is relaxed, the hypnotist will work with them to replace behaviors they want to break or overcome, or to trigger an alternative reaction to a thought or sensation they are now experiencing.

    Since you are now familiar with these fundamentals, you should be able to comprehend how we assess what hypnosis can and cannot do.

    For hypnosis to be successful, a client must desire to change and actively participate in the process. At the end of the day, hypnosis cannot effect change unless the client actively participates in the process and is willing to do so.

    What Can You Do While Listening to Subliminals

    Hypnosis is not magic in and of itself. There is no magic dust to be found in a hypnotist’s toolkit. If a client enters hypnosis with the expectation that the hypnotist would remove the client’s brain, wash it thoroughly to remove any undesirable behaviors or ideas, and then replace it, the hypnotist will not be successful in helping the client change their behavior.

    People who go to hypnotists to have hypnosis “done on them” by a professional are not good candidates for hypnosis.

    Understanding the human mind and its capabilities is only getting started in the scientific community. Even the field of study that focuses on it has its own name: neuroscience. Hypnosis gives us a tool that we may use to influence our thoughts and emotions and, as a result, our actions and results.

    Hypnosis allows us to concentrate on our own ideas and change destructive thinking and behavior patterns with more constructive ones. This is achieved by stopping the chattering in our conscious mind, which removes the barrier posed by our “critical thinking” and makes it possible for a hypnotist to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state of consciousness that does not in any way pose any health risks.

    Hypnosis cannot alter either who you are or who you are as a person on its own. You can’t be coerced into robbing a bank by a hypnotist. If you don’t really want to give up smoking, this won’t be able to make you do it. It cannot change your fundamental beliefs or standards nor force you to act in a way that goes against your will. It cannot force you to act in a way that is immoral or goes against your principles on its own.

    During a session, rather than falling asleep, you will reach a state of deep relaxation, and in most cases, it is not required to achieve a profound level of trance to reap the benefits of the practice. You won’t have difficulty being aware of the sounds occurring around you at any moment.

    Most individuals can recall all that was said during a session; however, on rare occasions, people experience memory loss or have trouble recalling the specifics of what was discussed. Therefore, there is no bearing on the value of the benefit on whether or not the whole session was recalled.

    At the moment, hypnosis can only be used to operate on the mind, but it is possible for certain physical traits that are related to triggers in the brain to be mellowed down via the use of therapeutic hypnosis. Two instances of this include stuttering and sensitivity to background noise. However, hypnosis cannot cure terminal diseases or repair nerve damage.

    Before beginning any new course of treatment, patients with preexisting medical issues should always discuss their options with their primary care physician first.

    In today’s world of modern medicine, hypnosis is widely acknowledged as a technique that may speed up healing after an operation or sickness and, in some circumstances, can lessen the need for medicines. For example, in pain treatment and reducing reliance on pharmaceuticals, professional hypnotists often get recommendations from medical professionals.

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