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What chakra is the hand?


    The middle of the palms is where you will find your hand chakras. They indicate a point of entry or exit for energy because they are located in a terminal region of the body and have this characteristic. They are the chakras that can be activated with the least amount of effort and in the safest manner, and activating them enables one to develop the ability to feel subtle energies as well as the aura around them. Can also become skilled at manipulating energy.

    Within the entirety of our bodies, there are thousands of chakras.

    Through the use of clairvoyance, we can see, depicted in the figure above, the dynamics of what we can perceive in the primary chakras of the hands, which consist of one in the center and one on each fingertip.

    Because of this, when we practice Reiki, we may experience sensations in the palms of our hands and spasms in the fingers between the thumb and the little finger. However, these sensations are nothing more than the clear perception of the chakras in the hands and fingers performing their respective functions.

    According to the Yoga school of thought, there are reflex points in the hands and feet; these reflex points, known as NADIS, are directly connected to a chakra. The correlation between the chakras and the fingers is as follows, as shown in the image to the right:

    • Fist: Basic Chakra
    • Thumb Finger: Umbilical Chakra
    • Pointer Finger: Throat Chakra
    • Middle Finger: Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Ring Finger: Front Chakra
    • Little Finger: Heart Chakra

    According to the Japanese, we see the correlation between fingers and chakras as described below:

    • Thumb – Solar Plexus Chakra – Fire Element
    • Indicator – Heart Chakra – Air Element
    • Middle – Throat Chakra – Ether Element
    • Ring – Basic Chakra – Earth Element
    • Minimum – Umbilical Chakra – Water Element

    When it comes to the heart chakra, which is associated with the feeling of love, a Reiki Master is the person who draws the symbols for Reiki with the palm of their hand cupped or with their index finger (The Reiki plant). Listen to your gut instincts, and apply this however you see fit.

    We are taught a potent method of self-application in Gendai Reiki, which uses the correlations between chakras, fingers, and the elements as its foundational knowledge.

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