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What crystals are good for the solar plexus chakra?


    Because it is connected to our feelings, energy, and how we relate to other people, the heart chakra is very important. It is a chakra of emotions, and it is commonly believed that it is one of the easiest to feel. This is because, in most cases, when we experience some nervousness or anxiety, it is very reflected in the stomach – have you ever heard the expression “butterflies in the stomach”? The solar plexus chakra is the one that is very active at this time.

    Because of its proximity to the stomach, the sacral chakra is not only in charge of our appetite and how we relate to food but is also intimately connected to our digestive system. As a result, this chakra has very strong and fiery energy, and it is the source of our ability to face life’s challenges and pursue our ambitions.

    When aligned, it is a chakra that vibrates with joyful energy, brings a great sense of harmony with ourselves and others, and we feel very willing to take risks and try different things that can bring us great personal growth. In total alignment, it helps us not to judge others so easily and to accept different opinions more easily.

    When misaligned, it’s a chakra with a lot of stress energy. It could be this chakra in misalignment when we feel the most irritable, most restless, and have little confidence in ourselves and others. In addition, many compulsive behaviors, especially food, can be potentiated by a misaligned solar plexus.

    So a good way to work and balance your solar plexus chakra is: Meditation focused on this chakra with visualization of the color yellow and getting 20 minutes of sun every day in this area of ​​the body.

    Let’s talk about four crystals for the solar plexus chakra.

    • CITRUS

    Citrine is a real master when it comes to healing work.

    Natural citrine is getting harder to find because it forms in such a complicated way. Most crystals sold as citrine are heated amethysts or even pale smoky quartz.

    The energy of this mineral is very happy and upbeat, which makes it one of the best stones to use when you don’t care about life or aren’t interested in it. Citrine is a natural booster of our solar plexus chakra, so it is in charge of our creative side, the strength that comes over us to make things happen even when everything points in the opposite direction, and the desire to go further.

    “I trust my potentiality” is a good mantra to use with this stone.

    • PYRITE

    Pyrite is the best crystal for prosperity and abundance, and it is a popular choice for bringing prosperity to business, finances, and life in general. This is one reason why having a Pyrite with you gives you more than just a stone—it gives you an aura of prosperity. This strong, golden-colored crystal brings in both money and good health.

    Pyrite helps boost our vital energy, making us feel less tired and worn out. It is also a great choice for people who are depressed.

    Pyrite stands for warmth, the constant presence of the sun, and our ability to make money by working hard. It symbolizes life and will and boosts natural skills and potential. It also helps ideas flow. According to a Mexican legend, the stone was used as a mirror that could show what a person was really like. This was in addition to the fact that it could attract things.

    Use this crystal with the mantra, “I bring everything I need into my life.”


    The copper in the sunstone makes it shine, which is what the name suggests. It is a crystal that helps people feel more confident and motivated and gives them more energy. It can help naive or easily fooled people because it is a crystal that opens our minds.

    This crystal removes masks and veils so our true beauty can shine through. It also helps us figure out what drives us and helps us understand what drives others. Finally, it is a great crystal to help us figure out what to do next when we don’t know what to do.

    If you want to make better decisions, you can meditate with sunstone and carry it with you at all times to ensure that you are being seen and heard most honestly.

    “I know what I’m capable of, and I go after it” is a good mantra to use with this crystal.


    Yellow Calcite is a very powerful crystal that teaches us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our power. It shows us how to use our strengths and act fairly to do what is best for everyone. Yellow Calcite brings wealth and plenty, which is especially helpful for getting rid of “scarcity” beliefs.

    This crystal is especially good for people who feel “overwhelmed” or have a lot of tasks or roles that need their full attention. It keeps us steady and able to do what needs to be done with style and a lot of creativity. This very good stone reminds us that we are in our lives and can always choose a different path.

    It is a great stone for encouraging people to keep learning throughout their lives. It is a crystal for lifelong learners that helps us see the value of study and that all skills, no matter how deep or shallow, have something to be proud of. Finally, yellow calcite is the crystal of giving and getting.

    “I vibrate in an energy of joy for life, and I thank you every day for giving me the chance to be here.”

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