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What crystals go with each chakra?


    Let’s briefly go over what crystals go with each chakra.

    What is Chakra & Where Did It Originate

    The word “chakra” originates from Sanskrit, an ancient language spoken by the people who lived in India and Nepal. Because of this, there are records showing that the chakras would have first appeared in the Hindu religion’s sacred texts. Buddhism, an offshoot of Hinduism, is another religion that talks about energy centers.

    Although one estimate suggests that there are more than 80,000 chakras in the human body, only seven are considered the primary ones. The chakras, which can be found from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine, each correspond to a different organ in our body and serve as significant energy points for our body as a whole.

    Certain techniques, in which particular stones play an important role, are utilized to bring about a more balanced alignment of the chakras. They are conduits for energy flow and connect to the various chakra colors.

    What Crystals Go With Each Chakra

    First chakra or base chakra: Red. This chakra is located in the genital region and relates to the lower part of our body. It represents man’s connection with the earth’s energy and is related to survival. When in disarray, it can generate discouragement, fatigue, insecurity, and even flu. As it is related to survival, the imbalance affects basic needs. The stones for this chakra are red jasper, black tourmaline, red agate, garnet, or obsidian.

    The second chakra, or umbilical chakra: is orange in color. It is located near the navel and relates to sexual energy and creative power. It represents the connection with the water element and is responsible for physical well-being and self-esteem. Out of balance causes guilt, anguish, fears, sexual difficulties, jealousy, and even difficulty in living. The second chakra is represented by the orange calcite, fire agate, wood jasper, carnelian, and coral stones.

    Third chakra or solar plexus: yellow, it relates to the fire element and is responsible for our ego. It has to do with courage, will, power, strength, and self-confidence. It is located just above the navel, and when it has excess energy, it causes selfishness, fury, and hatred. On the other hand, if you have low energy, it generates apathy, digestive problems, and dissatisfaction. It is represented by the stones amber, gold, yellow calcite, tiger’s eye, and imperial topaz.

    Fourth chakra or heart chakra: green or pink. It is located close to the heart and is responsible for emotions, vitality, love, and wisdom. Linked to the ether element, it generates heart problems, relationships, and emotional instability when out of balance. The watermelon tourmaline, green quartz, rose quartz, amazonite, jade, moss, and emerald stones activate the fourth chakra.


    Fifth chakra or throat chakra: represented by light blue, this chakra is related to the ether element and is located in the larynx region. It has to do with communication and expression. When unbalanced, it makes the person speak without thinking or “put up with” everything in silence. It is activated by turquoise stones, aquamarine, and blue quartz.

    Sixth chakra or brow chakra: indigo blue or indigo. It is located between the eyebrows and is also related to the ether element. It connects with the mind, spirituality, imagination, and memory. If it is misaligned, it generates nightmares, dissociated thoughts, tension, and insomnia. Refers to lapis lazuli, blue sapphire, and azurite stones.

    Seventh chakra or coronal chakra: violet or golden in color. It is located in the center of the head and is related to the ether element. It connects to higher entities and the universe and the central nervous system. When out of balance, it causes sadness, alienation, and hopelessness in the world. The seventh chakra is aligned with Angelite, amethyst, white quartz, and colorless topaz stones.

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