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What do chakra crystals do?


    In this post, we are going over what do chakra crystals do?

    What is Chakra & Why It’s Important

    Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “vortex” and refers to the seven energy centers that make up our consciousness. These energy centers have a certain color and function as valves that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system and our nervous system. Chakra also refers to the seven energy centers that make up our bodies.

    Chakras are not actual physical locations. They are aspects of our consciousness, similar to the aura, and although they are denser than the aura, they are not as dense as the physical body. They communicate with the material body via the spinal cord, the nerve plexuses found throughout the human body, and the endocrine system.

    Because each of the seven chakras influences our activity through the seven endocrine glands that affect bodily functioning, mental balance, and emotional balance, specific parts and functions of the body can be associated with each chakra.

    How the chakras function reflects our choices in response to the events in our lives. Sometimes due to life events, the energy stops flowing, creating a symptom on a physical level.

    For example, when we have an experience in which we feel tense or worried, this energy causes us to close our energy valve, and the energy stops flowing, which causes us to feel tense or worried.

    By gaining an understanding of the chakras, we can comprehend the connection that exists between our consciousness and our physical form. As a result, we can view our physical form as a map of our consciousness. Which gives us a deeper insight into ourselves and everything else in our environment.

    What Do Chakra Crystals Do

    Each chakra is correlated with a particular color as well as a function.

    Root Chakra, Muladhara

    Location: At the level of the perineum (the muscle between the genitals and the anal sphincter)

    Colour: Red

    Organs and glands:  Legs, feet, buttocks, rectum. Associated with the adrenal glands, generating adrenaline as a survival hormone.

    Gem and Crystal Color: Red stones primarily help revitalize and energize; smoky and black stones dissipate, absorb, or neutralize negative energy.

    Main Gem: Smoky Quartz

    Function:  Permits the manifestation of our divine consciousness on the plane of the physical world. Connected to the instincts we have for survival and the awareness of the actions we take. When in a healthy state, we feel connected to life, along with increased strength and vitality. The concrete is connected, but there is no attachment between them. When it is out of balance, there are behaviors of depression and possessiveness, as well as behaviors that involve disconnection from the here and now.

    Sexual Chakra, Swadishthana (I wish)

    Location:  4 fingers below the navel.

    Colour:  Orange

    Organs and glands: Pelvis, uterus, sexual organs, kidneys, prostate. Associated with the adrenal glands and the gonads

    Color of Gems and Crystals: Orange and reddish

    Main Gem: Carnelian

    Function: Mainly related to the creative capacity to relate to the world. It is also related to the integration of the feminine and masculine. It connects us with the energy of sexuality and pleasure. This chakra is closely related to desire as the engine that drives, with motivation and enthusiasm.

    Plexus Chakra, Manipura  (I can)

    Location: Tip of the stomach.

    Colour:  Yellow, gold

    Organs and glands: Organs of the digestive system (stomach, colon, gallbladder, liver. Associated with the glands of the pancreas.

    Gems and Crystals Color: Yellow, lime green, gold

    Main Gem: Citrine

    Function:  It has to do with the assimilation of all our life experiences and the conscious manifestation of the I Am. It is related to the identification of the self from the personality. In imbalance, people are insecure and dependent or tyrants and despots who rely on their belongings to have power over others, liars and selfish people are also identified. Battle-hardened behaviors, frustration, intolerance and anger are manifested.


    Heart Chakra, Anahata  (I love)

    Location:  Center of the chest, next to the sternum.

    Colour:  Green

    Organs and glands: Heart, lungs, arms, hands, upper back, it is associated with the functions of the heart and the immune system. Thymus gland.

    Gems and Crystals Color: Pink, green

    Main Gem: Green Quartz (Aventurine) and Rose Quartz

    Function:  Vital center of Love towards oneself (self-esteem), self-containment, self-care, self-approval, self-valorization, and nutrition. Balanced giving and receiving. In imbalance, generally, what we have weak is receiving because we feel dissatisfied when a person does not meet our expectations.

    Throat Chakra, Vishudha  (I speak)

    Location:  Between the clavicle bones.

    Colour:  Light blue, gold

    Organs and glands: Neck, shoulders, nose, jaws and mouth.  Associated with the thyroid gland.

    Color of Gems and Crystals: Light Blue, Blue, Turquoise

    Main Gem:  Celestial Agate

    Function:  it supports us in verbalizing our emotions, feelings, and ideas. It helps us talk about ourselves. Relate verbal expression as will. In imbalance, people are irreverent, passive, demanding, demanding, imposing, self-demanding, willful, timid, without expression, want to go unnoticed, and verbiage.

    Third Eye Chakra, Ajña  (I understand)

    Location:  Between the eyebrows

    Colour:  Light blue, gold

    Organs and glands: Eyes, ears, frontal sinuses. Associated with the pituitary gland.

    Gems and Crystals Color:  Indigo blue, violets.

    Main Gem:  Amethyst

    Function:  Connects us with the superior and intuitive mind and opens the way to spiritual vision and the expansion of inner vision. It awakens us to seek inner wisdom and is associated with mental power.

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