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What do you feel when giving reiki?


    One of the most typical topics of conversation between patients receiving therapy and the therapists or practitioners providing it is the significance of the various feelings experienced during a Reiki session.

    The individual who is receiving the Reiki treatment, as well as the therapist or practitioner who is administering it to others, will both feel the sensations that occur during the treatment.

    This considers that just as every person is unique and every treatment is different, the universal energy at work during Reiki causes a wide variety of sensations and responses in both those who receive it and those who administer it. This is true for both parties involved in the process.

    In general, we always discuss the sensations that Reiki patients normally experience, including tickling, heat, cold, visions, various emotional states, sleep, increased energy, and many other feelings.

    Each of these is in a very individual manner, which is to say that some people might only experience a few of them, while others might not feel anything at all.

    In any event, no experience or sensation will be unpleasant. Even if nothing is felt, the energy the therapist is sending will still perform its function on an energetic level even if the client is not receiving it.

    These are merely a few of the feelings that are commonly experienced by the individual who is the recipient of Reiki treatment; however, what feelings are felt by the practitioner when they are administering Reiki to another individual?

    What Sensations When Giving Reiki Can You Experience?

    If you are just getting started with Reiki as a practitioner, you will need to educate yourself on how to interpret the effects and sensations that Reiki causes on the body.

    Reiki’s effects on the body will, for the most part, be the same beginning with the inner healing; however, the sensations that occur during a session are typically quite a bit more varied.

    I’m going to walk you through some of the most typical experiences that you might have while giving Reiki, along with an explanation of what each one means:

    • Feeling the Body Very Tense: This is one of the manifestations you can experience most frequently due to the patient’s lack of concentration. At the same time, the Reiki session is being carried out.
    • Involuntary Tremors: can be felt throughout the body or simply in specific areas and occurs due to the movement of energy in the body. It is like a kind of unblocking effect.
    • Tiredness or Muscular Tension: The meaning of sensations of this type are associated with the fact of beginning to release negative charges or when there is a strong energy blockage in the patient. This symptom disappears completely at the end of the Reiki session, leaving the reiki practitioner completely calm.
    • Slight Pains in the Body: This sensation usually occurs very frequently to practitioners who are just beginning in the world of Reiki since their small body contractures are touched or removed by the healing energy of Reiki.
    • Body Temperature Change: This is a momentary manifestation that, as a practitioner, you come to feel, generally in the most sensitive parts of the body, and even tends to be confused with fever.
    • This, like feeling cold in Reiki, is nothing more than the result of the movement of energy or the elimination of existing blockages in the body.
    • Change in Breathing Rhythm: This usually occurs at the beginning of each session and then gradually adjusts. It is directly related to the patient’s internal emotions.
    • Chills or Tingling: It is common for the practitioner to maintain this sensation in the body for several hours after the session.
    • Sensitivity: Rarely is this sensation considered a gift of energy that allows an incredible sharpness of the senses to be experienced.
    • Alteration in Digestive Functioning: This symptom appears in various forms and intensities. They can range from intestinal noises, flatulence, desire to eat, or voracious appetite. However, they all mean that the energy is working correctly.
    • Other: constant sighing that appears when the patient’s emotions are healing. Since the body is healing, the sensation of thirst requires water to purify itself. Runny nose and excessive cough.

    It’s important to remember that after a Reiki treatment, the practitioner and the person getting the treatment may feel worse for a short time. This is called a “healing crisis,” and it’s normal.

    But a therapist’s feelings are usually much stronger, and a more experienced therapist sees these feelings as a kind of message or intuition.

    Most of the time, this makes it easier or lets the practitioner get to the root of the problem or situation causing the patient’s energy blockage and work on it.

    So, it’s important to pay attention to everything we feel or see during a Reiki session because it happens to us personally and is, therefore, important.

    All of these feelings when giving Reiki should be seen as a good way to get healthy again, as a sign that the Reiki energy is working on the subtle body and showing itself through the physical body and the body’s natural ways of cleaning itself.

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