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What does attunement mean in reiki?


    Before delving into the study of reiki it is crucial to understand what reiki actually is. Reiki originated in ancient Japan and serves as a form of complementary and alternative medicine. Its main purpose is to reduce stress and promote relaxation. However. Reiki has increasingly gained recognition as an alternative treatment for various illnesses. This technique harnesses the flow of energy present in all things, including non living objects like rocks and trees which can be utilized to benefit humans and animals alike. When people refer to “life force energy ” they are essentially referring to this concept. The terms “Gods’ Power” and “life force energy” are translations of the Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki,” which form the foundation of the healing practice known as reiki. Reiki is a hands on healing technique rooted in Japanese tradition that can address mental, emotional, or physical ailments. It is not limited solely to animal treatment; it can also be utilized for human well being. Reiki has generally been accepted as a safe and beneficial medical treatment option. Incorporating reiki into your healthcare routine alongside traditional treatments may result in reduced reliance on medication.
    To practice reiki individuals must undergo attunement, a process through which a Reiki master imparts the ability to channel natural power onto others thus attaining the qualification to practice reiki themselves.

    Upon completing this attunement process. Students not only gain the ability to heal others but also acquire self healing capabilities. Despite common misconceptions it is important to note that reiki should not be mistaken for a religion; rather it serves as a method for fostering harmony with nature and promoting coexistence with it. Many people widely regard Dr. Mikao Usui as the esteemed Grand Master of Reiki and the pioneering founder of the Usui Reiki program.

    His academic career, particularly in medicine and psychology shone brightly during his earlier years. Born on August 15 1865 Usui initially ventured into business but faced failure. Seeking solace and relaxation he turned to meditation as a means to unwind after this discouraging experience. Intrigued by the profound sensations associated with meditation he yearned to explore its fullest potential. Consequently. He embarked on a journey to a sacred mountain where he joined a meditation camp known as “Isya Guo,” which encompassed activities such as fasting and chanting. During his immersion in Isya Guos teachings Usui experienced an energy entering his crown chakra that heightened his meditative prowess and healing abilities. Over time he realized that this power could be shared with others enabling them to heal anyone in need. Thus.

    He established a process for accessing this energy and created a healing technique known today as Usui Reiki. Motivated by Gods mercy granting him the ability to heal others. Usui felt obliged to spread this knowledge among humanity. Consequently. He developed multiple levels of reiki instruction and devised three symbols that facilitated the acquisition of this energy through attunement. Practitioners of Usui Reiki have the qualifying potential to learn how to utilize these three Reiki symbols for healing oneself and others under their care.

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