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What does energy healing do?


    In this post, we’ll go over what healing energy is, how different cultures refer to it, and what does healing energy do.

    Energy healing refers to a variety of alternative practices that are intended to help treat physical, mental, and emotional ailments by realigning the energies within a person. There are different types of energy healing practices, each with their own cultural and historical origins,

    What is Healing Energy & What Does It Do?

    If you’ve researched topics like spirituality, healing, and things like this, then you’ve likely come across terms such as chakra, prana, aura, etc.

    These terms are all used to refer to energy and energy healing. They each have their own origins in ancient cultures, such as Hindu religion and philosophy, Japanese healing practices (“reiki”), and so on.

    Types of Healing Energies

    The following is a list of healing energy terms and practices that are used across different cultures:

    Pranic Healing is considered to be one of the oldest practices of energetic healing. This practice is rooted in Hinduism and refers to energy as “chakra”. Chakra also refers to the energy centers located throughout the body.

    Aura is an energetic principle that surrounds the various facets of the human vessel. These aspects include the physical, emotional, and spiritual. A human is said to carry a total of seven energy layers. Examining the hues and levels of density of an individual’s aura can provide insight into that person’s current state of health. Green, for instance, is associated with the achiever personality type, blue is associated with the spiritual mediator personality type, and so on. The six colors of the aura represent the six distinct types of personalities.


    Tantra, derived from the word “tan,” means expansion and focuses on the intrinsic connection between sexuality and spirituality. For example, during climax, sexual activity between a man and a woman can have significant meaning on a spiritual level. This in turn assists a human in attaining the highest level of soul-purification and “moksha,” also known as pleasure. Conversely, if a person does not engage in sexual activity, their soul will remain impure, which can manifest into a variety of health problems.

    Reiki was first discovered in Japan in the early 1900s. Reiki students are instructed to access higher levels of intelligence, where universal energy is stored. After it has been activated, this energy healing can assist in treating both physical and psychological conditions.

    The idea that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected serves as the foundation for all of these alternative energy healing methods, which all work on the same principle. The one and only distinction is that to effect healing, they draw on various forms of energy, including life energy, sexual energy, and universal energy, among others.

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