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What exactly is Reiki Healing?


    What exactly is Reiki Healing? Is it effective? Part one explains Reiki and how it differs from other healing systems.

    There are so many different types of natural healing that it’s no surprise that we get confused and don’t know which one to choose. Here’s the thing: they’re all the same! Different interpretations and tools are used, but they are all Energy Healing Systems and work the same way; some just seem to suit us better or make us feel more at ease! Let’s take a closer look.

    Many ancient cultures passed down their version of Energy Healing.

    And they all refer to ‘Life Energy.’ In Japan, energy is called ki. In China, chi, Hinduism, Prana, Sufism, and Christianity are light. It is energy, whatever you call it, or whatever tool you use to work with it.

    Reiki – ( pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese word that translates to “Universal Life Force.” In Japanese, They had a profound understanding of the nature of energy, and they used this awareness to heal their bodies, promote their inner harmony, and bring their mind, body, and soul into balance. Reiki Healing is a form of Natural Healing that dates back thousands of years to the ancient Tibetans. Reiki Healing is a form of Natural Healing that dates back thousands of years. The Japanese name for this method comes from the fact that it was rediscovered in the 19th century by a man named Mikao Usui, hence the name in Japanese.

    This Healing System – was kept a secret for a long time and was only made available for the use of the elite; however, if it weren’t for Usui and his dogged efforts, it’s possible that it would have never been found again. It is believed that Usui spent most of his life looking for answers regarding how Jesus healed people. This explains why there are so many different natural healing methods and why one method is not superior to another because all healing is simply the transfer of energy. Those ancients who attained enlightenment would receive universal knowledge as well as guidance. They would then learn how to use the energy and interpret it in their unique way, resulting in the formation of a system.

    Reiki – is not about curing a disease but restoring the body’s equilibrium to heal itself from within. Receiving energy healing or Reiki regularly follows the same fundamental idea as all other conventional natural healing methods: it maintains harmony and balance in the recipient’s mind, body, and spirit, thereby preventing illness from developing. However, while receiving treatment, the energy drawn by the body will find its way to wherever the body needs it. For instance, if you have asthma, you may be aware of the energy build-up in the chest area, which could get very intense and then balance out. This is because it is most effective when used as a preventative therapy. Healing through energy cannot be administered incorrectly because it is light and travels to the location where it is required. There is no typical session or outcome because we each take the energy we require and have our own unique experiences.

    How, then, is it distinct from that? The work with energy in any form is incredible; various systems simply use different tools; this is the only difference; however, you might prefer one method over another. And yes, it does work!

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