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What happens when chakras are blocked?


    In this post, we go over what happens when chakras are blocked.

    What Happens When Chakras Are Blocked

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    The Language of the Chakras

    • First chakra (Root): I have the right to have a
    • Second chakra (Sacral): I have the right to feel
    • Third chakra (solar plexus): I have the right to act
    • Fourth chakra (Heart): I have the right to love and be loved
    • Fifth chakra (Throat): I have the right to tell and hear the
    • Sixth truth chakra (Third eye): I have the right to see
    • Seventh chakra (Crown): I have a right to know

    As soon as we know what each chakra represents, we can pose some questions to ourselves to evaluate the state of each one. If we respond “no” or have doubts, one of our chakras is likely closed or blocked. This will help us find ways to work through the problem and understand why certain feelings or organs are affected.


    How To Know If You Have Blocked Chakras

    • Root Chakra: Do I feel at home here? Do I have a strong desire to live? Do I feel vibrant, healthy? Do I love my body and appreciate it as a treasure? Am I a high energy person?
    • Sacral Chakra: Do I have a healthy sex drive? Can I express myself sexually, give and receive pleasure? Do I feel sexually fulfilled?
    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Do I have the ability to make decisions and act on them? Am I aware of my emotions and can I control them? Do I know what I want and am I confident in manifesting it? Am I emotionally satisfied?
    • Heart Chakra: Do I love myself, my family and friends? Do I have a strong feeling of compassion towards living beings? Can I accept others as they are? Do I expect the best from people and seek the best from them?
    • Throat Chakra: Can I express myself easily? Do I take responsibility for my life without blaming others? Do I do the practical things I must do to be healthy, happy, etc.? Do I feel worthy of a reward for my efforts? Do I have faith in myself, taking risks, accepting challenges, and creating ways to achieve them?
    • Third Eye Chakra: Am I mentally strong and able to resolve? Do I have many ideas and take steps to bring them to reality? Am I able to visualize goals and dreams?
    • Crown Chakra: Do I feel like I’m part of something wonderful? Am I or do I feel connected to God, the Universe, etc.? Do I feel like my life has a purpose? Can I see myself honestly and learn from experiences to develop wisdom?

    What do blocked chakras mean?

    When we have determined which chakra is being disrupted, the next step is to learn what this disruption means for us and how it influences our lives.

    • First chakra: the person finds his will or will to live diminished and devitalized. Feelings of fear.
    • Second chakra: difficulty giving and receiving love, lack of sexual potency. In its emotional aspect, it causes isolation.
    • Third chakra: difficulty feeling, a blockage of feelings is caused by little or no acceptance of oneself. Personal rejection, lack of interest in him or others. Emotionally it directly affects self-esteem.
    • Fourth chakra: problems to love without expecting anything in return, lack of purpose. Emotionally it affects leaving despair.
    • Fifth chakra: the person cannot communicate or take charge of his life, he feels frustrated. Emotionally it affects building negative words.
    • Sixth chakra: confusion, blocked ideas or lack of them. It affects giving depression.
    • Seventh chakra: the person cannot connect with their higher self or divinity, not being able to bring it into their physical body. Emotionally it provokes anger.

    To achieve chakra balance, working on each chakra individually is necessary to overcome any blockages that may exist correctly. Once we clearly understand the factors influencing us, we can take steps to counteract their effects.

    For example, we can direct our attention toward developing feelings that are antithetical to the blockages, or we can consult a therapist for assistance if we believe this alone will not be sufficient.

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