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What is an energy healing circle?


    The question is: “What is an energy healing circle?”

    An energy healing circle is where you can concentrate and pay respect to your energy and the energy of other people surrounding you. This setting is intended to help you improve energetically and help foster integration with any inner conflicts you’re dealing with.

    For example, in one healing circle I attend, we will all come together virtually on the last Sunday of every month to participate in a potent healing circle to foster peace and change.

    In each circle, we discuss straightforward approaches to incorporating somatic practices and energy healing into your routine.

    Here are a few things that go on in an energy healing circle:

    Visualization is used to help clear up the energies that are weighing on us. We ask ourselves, “What needs to be fixed?”

    Energy Work is based on the energy that flows between everyone. This means that we focus on the chakra system and the power of our deep presence.

    Light Breathwork involves different pranayama breathing exercises to help us feel more stable.

    Breathwork and energy healing can help the body release emotions and even cause physical responses. This work is meant to help us get back to who we are by helping us let go of trauma, old ways of thinking, and feelings. It helps people feel happiness, sadness, heat, cold, laughter, and more in their bodies.

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