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What is an energy healing massage?


    Have you ever wondered what is an energy healing massage?

    Energy healing massages are an alternative healing method that aims to restore health to the body, mind, and emotions. There are a variety of energy massage techniques, each offering many benefits and advantages.

    What is an Energy Healing Massage

    Energy massages start from the premise that the body, mind, and emotions are interconnected. Therefore, its objective is always to restore the balance between the three to safeguard the person’s well-being. This is done through a series of body manipulations at strategic points to channel the energy that flows through our body properly.

    But not all energy massages are the same. Specifically, we can distinguish three different techniques:

    • Tui Na: The oldest of all. He channels energy by working and stimulating the muscles.
    • Zhi Ya: In this case, the therapist focuses on the acupuncture points. It is usually complemented with the placement of needles.
    • Chi Kung: The most refined practice that best focuses on traditional Chinese medicine’s fundamental principles. Its objective is to know, use, and optimize the energy channels of the human body to balance them.

    Benefits of an Energy Healing Massage

    The main benefit of those who receive energetic massages is the relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.

    On the one hand, it favors achieving a state of absolute well-being through correctly circulating blood and lymph and stimulating the immune system. This translates into a notable reduction in the stress and anxiety levels we all experience daily due to our frenetic pace.

    It has also been shown to be very useful in treating depression.

    Benefits of energetic massage on a physical level

    Physically, there are also many benefits of energy massage that deserve to be pointed out.

    For example, this treatment is especially recommended to treat headaches and neuralgia when they become chronic. It is also useful against nervousness, insomnia, and difficulties in relaxing.

    It has also been effective against lack of flexibility and joint stiffness accompanied by pain.

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