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What is chakra energy healing?


    Let’s quickly go over what is chakra energy healing.

    What is Chakra Energy Healing

    Energy healing offers valuable assistance in realigning our seven primary chakras as they often become imbalanced due to our modern worlds demanding schedules, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of adequate sleep. It is safe to assume most individuals have never experienced having all their chakras perfectly aligned or comprehended how it feels when such alignment exists.

    Energy healing provides an opportunity for reconnecting with ones’ physical self while promoting overall balance and well being.

    When undertaking Chakra healing methods. It is crucial to select practices that resonate personally with you and bring comfort.

    Incorporating gemstones into your Chakra energy healing process proves integral for achieving desired results effectively.

    To ensure successful balancing. Opt for gemstones matching the colors associated with each respective Chakra point. You may choose between focusing on a specific Chakra at any given time or addressing all seven simultaneously. This approach proves particularly beneficial if you are aware of a particular Chakra requiring attention and desiring exclusive restoration for that specific Chakra.

    Begin the process by thoroughly cleansing your Chakras using stones such as obsidian renowned for their efficacy in eliminating negative energy trapped within the Chakras.

    Hold the stone in your writing hand and proceed to move it counterclockwise over the targeted Chakra while mentally visualizing negative energies leaving your body and being absorbed by the stone. Ensure a systematic cleansing starting from the base Chakra and working your way through each individual one.

    At times certain chakras may require more cleansing than others.

    Once you have purified the chakras to the best of your ability.

    It is time to proceed with the chakra energy healing and placing the stones. If you plan on performing the energy healing on all seven chakras.

    The first step is to place the appropriate gemstone on its corresponding chakra. It can be helpful to have someone assist you in positioning the gemstones on your body.

    Here is a list of Energy Healing Chakra Stones:

    • Root = Red Tigers Eye
    • Sacral = Carnelian
    • Solar Plex = Citrine
    • Heart = Jade
    • Throat = Turquoise
    • Third Eye = Amethyst
    • Crown = Quartz Crystal

    During your chakra energy healing a quartz crystal can be used as a tool for all of the chakras.

    Its’ important to only use gemstones in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

    Your instincts are usually guiding you in this regard. So its best to trust them.

    As you place each gemstone on its corresponding chakra. Allow yourself to feel their positive energy infusing into your body.

    Visualizing this energy as pure. Clear.

    And healthy can enhance your healing process. Additionally.

    Imagine the energy moving counterclockwise towards you.

    Take as much time as you need with each chakra and move on to the next one only when you feel that it is healthy strong. And energized. Allow the flow of energy from one chakra to continue nourishing the next one as you progress through them.

    Once you have completed working on all of your chakras lie down and visualize all of the gemstones revitalizing your entire system until you sense that the process has concluded. Should you desire, chakra energy healing can be conducted with the assistance of a trusted individual who fosters a strong connection with you. This ensures that the chakra energy healing is conducted free from the introduction of potentially harmful energies.

    Upon completion of the chakra energy healing. It is important to ground yourself. Allocate a few minutes to settle and readjust to your surroundings before proceeding. Replenish yourself by drinking a glass of water. And allow the chakras’ energy time to stabilize. If desired. This chakra energy healing technique can be practiced daily. Consistent practice will lead you to observe an increasing vitality within yourself and an enhanced overall sense of well being.

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