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What is chakra healing with crystals?


    In this post, we go over what is chakra healing with crystals.

    What is Chakra Healing with Crystals

    The human mind has always been captivated by the connection that can be made between crystals and chakras.

    Crystal healing has been practiced millennia in various Eastern and Western cultures and traditions. It involves extracting crystals and utilizing their power to heal the energy imbalances that can occur within our bodies.

    The question is, how can the stones “communicate” with the energy that flows through our chakras? And how exactly should we go about selecting and utilizing them?

    How Energy Crystals & Chakra Work

    Everything is moved by energy, and all phenomena are impacted by it.

    In his scientific work, Albert Einstein demonstrated that “everything is energy,” which means that all living and nonliving bodies are interested in it and that none are excluded from its scope.

    Because of this, all living things, whether they be plants or animals, as well as the inanimate world of minerals, are surrounded by an energy field referred to as an ” aura.”

    In medicine, we can discuss the dynamics behind the operation of certain diagnostic tools, such as magnetic resonance, which analyzes the magnetic field surrounding the human body. This is possible since every living organism constantly sends out and absorbs radiation. According to the principles of biophysics, the human body is analogous to a real antenna.

    There are many different perspectives on the nature of the aura and the scope of its influence. This element is well known to the holistic operators of the sector, who identify it as the primary component to be treated for the person’s well-being. Some people identify it in several layers, while others identify it in less. The fact remains, however, that its presence is well known.

    In this vision, it is easier for us to understand the energetic interaction created between a man and a crystal, the dynamics with which a stone resonates with a person’s aura, and the applications of these wonderful minerals for the psycho-physical wellbeing of a person.

    The Principles of Crystal Therapy

    Crystal therapy is the study of the energy exchange that occurs between a person and a crystal. So when we want to indicate all those treatments that aim to cure physical symptoms with stones while also rebalancing our subtle bodies, we talk about crystal healing (healing with crystals).

    Many people refer to the energy vortices created along the spine as chakra, a Sanskrit word that means “wheel, vortex.” The energy that circulates through our bodies is carried by pathways known as “Nadi,” and when these pathways meet along the spine, they create energy vortices.

    Crystal therapy is a gentle healing method that can move congested energy and release blocks, thereby increasing the energy flow of the whole organism. Each crystal is associated with a particular chakra.


    How to Find the Right Chakra Stone

    The key to everything is precisely the energy understood as color, the prevailing tone of the chakra.

    In technical terms, we speak of the vibratory frequency of white light, the spectrum of the visible.

    Here is a brief overview of the colors associated with the various chakras:

    • 1st Chakra: red, brown, and black stones
    • 2nd & 3rd Chakras: orange and yellow stones
    • 4th Chakra: pink and green crystals
    • 5th Chakra: blue stones
    • 6th & 7th Chakras: indigo and lighter crystal stones

    In addition to the color are the chemical-physical characteristics of the different crystals, each with its nature, origin, and lithogenetic process of formation that will give specific and different properties.

    For example, the applications of quartz will differ from those of calcite or other stones of hydrothermal origin, such as amazonite.

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