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What is holy fire reiki?


    A new Reiki Energy A brand-new style of Reiki known as Holy Fire was recently presented by William Lee Rand’s ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training). It is purifying, healing, increased potential, and divine guidance all rolled into one, and it is both potent and sweet simultaneously. In addition to being incorporated into the Karuna Reiki (R) training, it is also currently being taught in our Usui Reiki classes.

    The energy that comes from a higher level of consciousness and the Holy Fire is noticeably more refined. The following is a list of some of the characteristics that the students encountered:

    • It operates in the background even when you aren’t thinking about it, and it automatically fixes issues as they crop up in your life.
    • Always show respect for people’s free will.
    • Relieves stress while promoting rapid and thorough healing.
    • It mends broken relationships and restores healthy interactions with other people.
    • It eliminates anxiety and replaces it with a clear and present feeling of safety and protection.
    • He will spontaneously guide you tangibly and securely, appropriate for all experience levels.

    It tends to cultivate all of those positive characteristics of a person’s personality that are beneficial to their health, such as love for oneself and others, kindness, patience, self-confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, peace, and many more. The sensation of one’s love is returned to them is among the most cherished effects. This is an extremely beneficial feeling that is both profound and refined. After it has been received, it continues to develop to become more effective and evolve. These characteristics are developed further in ART / Master and Karuna Reiki (R) classes, although they are already present in Usui Levels 1 and 2, respectively.

    What can it do?

    Your spiritual abilities may improve due to the Holy Fire’s ability to direct and guide you in a fresh new direction along your spiritual path. Holy Fire provides you with the grit and energy you require to fulfill your direction in a manner that is both clearer and more direct than the previous guidance. Give us the peace of mind and the wisdom to help those who require our comfort and support, and strengthen your work to heal others in person and remotely.

    It shields us from danger and uses the purest form of love to fortify our bonds with our partners, friends, and family members, thereby preventing harm from coming to us. Holy Fire can eradicate fear and replace it with a profound sense of calm. Put an end to critical ways of thinking and thinking generally, and replace them with love and peace. It establishes a connection between us and the highest guides, ascended masters, and third paradise light beings, all of whom are devoid of ego and whose instruction is loving and unadulterated.

    It makes Reiki stronger

    You and others will likely observe that the strength of your Reiki has noticeably increased. When you give Reiki, your hands will almost certainly feel warmer than they did before. In addition, those who have Holy Fire Reiki treatments performed on them will notice a significant improvement. Because the heat appeared so intense, some customers reported that they almost asked the therapist to remove their hands while receiving a healing treatment.

    Receive Holy Fire energy

    Holy Fire is transmitted to students in a Reiki Master class via an “injection/combustion,” led by a Master who has been inducted into the Reiki lineage and possesses Holy Fire. The injection is not like other activations and is driven by the Holy Fire itself. The Holy Fire is said to be rekindled within the student as part of a profoundly meditative and potently healing process, which is why this practice is referred to as an injection.

    Students who received reactivations with the Holy Fire symbol reported having a positive experience and noticing a difference in the amount of energy they received. My students who had already attained the level of Reiki Master have reported having profound healing experiences and feelings of profound love, peace, and a direct connection with the mysteries that lie at the heart of the source of love and light. They report feeling cleansed and are receptive to receiving additional levels of direction. They also describe having a profound sense of connection with the planet itself.

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