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What is Reiki Training?


    The process of learning Reiki presents an extraordinary journey that differs greatly from conventional modes of training. Although certain aspects, such as symbolism meanings and hand positions can be acquired through studying materials Reikis’ essence lies in its innate intuitive healing abilities. In comparison to other types of education where extensive reading is required.

    Reiki material can be swiftly grasped. Reaching a connection with Reiki occurs through a series of spiritual practices known as attunements which enables practitioners to tap into this unique realm where energy healing takes place naturally.

    Attaining each level involves undergoing an attunement process resulting in a total of three levels altogether. Typical Reiki training consists of studying relevant material while also receiving the necessary level specific attunement followed by practical application strategies employed within ones’ daily life – self healing practices being integral along with extending healings towards others and meditation on the concept itself.

    The profound understanding gained from receiving your attunements followed by active participation in self healing. Providing healing for others.

    And practicing deep meditation on Reiki will enhance your intuitive capacity with each progressive stage. However. Expressing this intuitive growth within training courses or written forms is unfeasible as it remains an intensely personal journey.

    This uniqueness sets Reiki training apart from other forms of instruction as it operates at its core as a spiritual practice. To truly comprehend and effectively learn Reiki. One must rely on their intuition rather than merely relying on research materials or written instructions.


    Following the guidance provided during training offers an enriched understanding of Reiki. Despite Dr. Usuis limited written works on reiki compared to others his credibility remains unparalleled in my opinion. Nevertheless it is always advisable to acquire as much information as possible and evaluate its pertinence to oneself.

    The courses provide a limited quantity of written study material; thus empowering students to engage in profound introspection. Numerous experts and practitioners have expressed their desire for independent content creation on this subject; however I believe that such endeavors can potentially introduce confusion. Consequently some reiki masters have established novel schools or modified training schedules by introducing supplementary levels of learning.

    This demonstrates the relative ease with which one can deviate from the traditional path inspired by Dr. Usuis’ teachings. The fundamental principles governing Usui Reiki training have remained unaltered. Encompassing essential elements such as the accurate definition of Reiki, utilization of four symbols central to practice.

    Proper hand positions for treatment efficacy. Attunements as integral rituals within the practice.

    And adherence to reiki principles that guide practitioners’ actions. These core fundamentals possess extensive depth and breadth; upon mastery they enable individuals to competently practice Reiki. Once these steps are completed in conjunction with regular acts of self healing. Practitioners will amass practical knowledge about reiki; over time. Their understanding deepens allowing for intuitive applications. Although alternative forms of Reiki training may be captivating. It is mandatory to cover these crucial points outlined here.

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