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What is self-hypnosis?


    The question is: What is self-hypnosis?

    Self-Hypnosis is the act of interacting with your subconscious and your “imagination material” to help you visualize and train your mind to help you move in the direction of any chosen aspiration you want. This happens by putting yourself in a state where you are most open to suggestion.

    When you use self-hypnosis to train your mind, you allow yourself to be in command of the changes that take place in you and a co-creator of those changes.

    It is possible to make efficient use of this for the management of anger, the relief of pain, anxiety, motivation, the reduction of blood pressure, or the elimination of issues sleeping. Eliminating sleep problems is another one of its many applications. When taught, this method can improve concentration and memory recall, raise optimism, and assist with the control of powerful emotions.

    6 Steps for Basic Self-Hypnosis

    1) Identify a cozy chair and go to a location with a lower noise level. Although some people find that lying down is the most comfortable position to be in, particularly when they are utilizing self-hypnosis to assist them in a deep sleep, others believe that sitting up straight in a comfortable chair is the most advantageous position to be in. You need to put yourself in a posture where both your feet are firmly planted on the ground, your hands are resting on the arm of the chair, and your eyes are focused on whatever is in front of you. Relax your body.

    2) Picture yourself succeeding in this endeavor, and focus all your attention on the specific goals you have set for this period.

    3) Induction: Raise the index finger on your dominant hand, and keep your head facing straight ahead as you look up toward the ceiling. This is the third step. As you take two or three long breaths into your belly, pay attention to how your eyes start to feel heavy, blink and want to close as you go through the process. As you do so, expel the breath, and drop your finger while simultaneously pronouncing the trigger phrase “SELF HYPNOSIS” in your mind. When you are ready to close your eyes, exhale the breath, and while doing so, drop your finger. Feel a wave of serenity wash over your body and go down it as it continues to do so.

    4) Picture yourself descending the flight of stairs that leads to unwinding and letting go of your worries. Next, visualize yourself taking one more step back down the stairway as you count down from ten to one as let out each breath. As you count, you might motivate yourself to go deeper by telling yourself things like “deeper and deeper.” as you go through the exercise. Finally, when you arrive at the bottom of the steps, you must construct your own safe area or find one that someone else has already made. Your safe haven is where all the beneficial things, including feelings and resources, may be found. You can tarry in that location for as long as your heart desires.


    5) Permit that experience to pass, but take those joyful feelings with you into either a future vision of yourself as your ideal genuine best or use your imagination to produce a movie of a future you in which you are feeling amazing and watching actual and legitimate growth. You should make the photographs or films as bright and clear as possible and focus directly on your goal, such as seeing yourself feeling delighted after making a public speech or completing a run or session at the gym. Check that the pictures you see of the goal positively stimulate your thoughts. It is not important if you are completely detached, completely connected, or any combination of the two; what is important is that it makes you feel joyful. You may make the experience appear “richer” by focussing on the satisfying results from having fulfilled the target. This will make the event seem like it will have more of an impact on you. You need to tell yourself the following statement ten times: “each and every day, I feel more and more and in every way, and it feels great” (compounding a suggestion around 10 times makes it go in not only 10 times but each suggestion reinforces the prior suggestion). Next, you need to return to your safe spot, and while you are there, you should keep repeating to yourself that “every time I do self-hypnosis, I go even deeper relaxed even quicker, and it feels great.” When you have reached a point where you are satisfied and comfortable with this, you should return to your safe haven. You are at liberty to make the most of this opportunity by making any further suggestions you deem appropriate.

    6) You need to get up and move about when you feel like you’re becoming hungry or thirsty or when you think you need a cup of tea because you’re getting bored of doing this. You can emerge yourself. To do this, you must first go back to the safe place you were previously in, and then you must walk backward while counting from one to ten. As you make your way up the stairs, you should motivate and inspire yourself by thinking positive things to guarantee that you have a wonderful day and feel great. If you are at the point where you are ready to go to sleep, then instead of ascending back up your stairs, you should count from one to three and then say, “session over, sleep.” This should be done if you are at the stage where you are ready to go to sleep.

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