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What is vortex energy healing?


    In this post, we go over what is vortex energy healing.

    Vortex energy healing is a method that “transcends the domain of ego through an integrative process.” This involves the recognition that you are part of a Whole, and how your perception of the World can be a reflection of yourself. This energy healing method results in a variety of benefits mentioned below.

    What is Vortex Energy Healing

    “Vortex Healing,” published in 2014, describes Vortex Healing (VH) as “a healing art and an awakening path that transcends the domain of ego through an integrative process.” Vortex Healing (VH) can be thought of as both. The term “vortex” is used in VH to refer to an energetic structure that acts as an interface between the material world and a divine realm filled with pure energy and conducive to healing.

    The central tenet of vortex healing is the notion that all aspects of life are interconnected. Unfortunately, we have lost that awareness in our society today, and everything has become an exercise in separation. It is the purpose of Vortex Healing to release this conditioning of separation on every level it is found, thereby restoring the individual to an emotional state of equilibrium and an energetic state of strength so that health may predominate.

    The divine energy of the universe is channeled through the vortex healing process, which helps heal both the body and the mind. It is a way of purging one’s body and mind of any negative energies and holistically reestablishing one’s connection to the energy of the universe.

    Benefits of Vortex Energy Healing

    The following are some of the benefits that can be gained from using vortex healing:

    • reduction in levels of stress and nervousness
    • a remedy for depression, pain relief, and relief from menstrual cramps also included.
    • lower the level of blood pressure
    • joint pain in the knees, back, neck, shoulder, or ankles can be alleviated.

    Because vortex healing is an energy-based healing system, it does not require any invasive manipulation of the muscles or tissue to be effective. Instead, it transmits divinely inspired healing energy into the patient’s body.

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