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What plants have healing energy?


    Have you ever wondered what plants have healing energy? In this post, we go over several plants and their energetic effects.

    8 Plants with Healing Energy

    1. Sheath leaf ensures prosperity

    The single leaf (Spathiphyllum), also known as the sheath leaf, neutralizes harmful gases and is therefore considered to purify the air in the room. No wonder it has earned a reputation for exuding positive energy. This is how it got the nickname peace lily – especially since it can also ensure relaxation and restful sleep. Moreover, since the single sheet looks noble and graceful, it is said to bring prosperity.

    The single sheet is considered easy to care for. It can handle dry periods and waterlogging – at least for a short time. It grows between March and September and prefers high humidity and temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius. The single leaf likes bright places without direct sunlight.

    2. Lucky bamboo kindles life energy

    The lucky bamboo (Dracaena brownii) symbolizes luck, and is a component of Feng Shu; it is believed that the lucky bamboo brings vitality and life energy into the house.

    Funny enough, lucky bamboo is not real bamboo at all, but a species of dragon tree from the asparagus family.

    It is kept in water in vases or bowls as a houseplant and can live in this way for years. However, placing the lucky bamboo in the light semi-shade is best and leaving it at room temperature.

    3. Aloe vera brings health

    The home of aloe vera is believed to be on the Arabian Peninsula. Today it is cultivated almost all over the world.

    Aloe vera is known for the slimy liquid hidden in the leaves. It is used as a gel to heal inflammation (e.g. sunburn) and wounds.

    Aloe Vera is also called desert lily. Although it hardly needs water, this plant needs warmth and sunlight.

    4. Orchid sets the mood

    Orchids are not only enchanted with beauty, but they carry a light fragrance that is said to have a mood-enhancing effect. The leaf shapes can be rounded or pointed, notched or serrated, blunt or incised.

    Orchids can safely be placed in the bedroom, consuming little oxygen and even releasing oxygen at night. Most orchids do best in indirect sunlight.

    5. Penny trees eliminates stress

    The penny tree (Crassula ovata) – also known as the money tree – is a thick-leafed plant. It is said to radiate positive energy and eliminate fear and stress.

    African peoples once cooked and ate the roots of the penny tree and boiled the leaves to use them as medicine. Today, the money tree is mostly used as a lucky indoor plant.

    The succulent prefers environments that are dry and warm. However, it does not like direct sunlight. Therefore, the penny tree is best planted in cactus soil.

    If it is more than 10 years old, it can bear small flowers.


    6. Jasmine plants calm the mind

    The jasmine plant (Jasminum officinale) is one of the most fragrant flowering plants. The special thing about the scent is the calming effect it has on people. Essential oil is also obtained from the jasmine plant for use in aromatherapy.

    According to a legend, jasmine plants strengthen couple relationships and ensure romance. It is the national flower of Tunisia and Pakistan.

    Jasmine blooms between June and September. The perennial plant likes full sun and feels particularly comfortable on the window sill, as it particularly likes oxygen (no draught!). Only when the sun shines too brightly does it need some distance from the window since the glass acts on it like a magnifying glass, and it can carry “burn marks.”

    7. Rosemary wakes you up

    Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is not only a great spice, but also makes a good houseplant. The evergreen shrub is said to reduce fatigue and improve memory.

    It can be cultivated as an ornamental plant as well as a spice plant. Rosemary should definitely find a place on the south window, as it does not like darkness. However, rosemary does not grow best indoors, but on the balcony or terrace. But be careful: rosemary is not hardy!

    8. Sage brings peace

    Sage (Salvia) has made a name for itself as a medicinal plant – primarily because of the flavonoids in its leaves. But sage is also slowly gaining a reputation as an ornamental plant.

    In addition, its healing effect makes it a plant of peace; sage is said to bring health into the home.

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