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What reiki does to the body and mind?


    Healing is facilitated through the practice of Reiki, which is pronounced “ray-kee” and involves the manipulation of subtle energy. The Japanese character for this type of healing is composed of two words: rei and ki. The kanji for this character is shown below. In English, the Japanese word rei can mean a holy, spiritual, or even universal consciousness. The term “life force energy” is another way of referring to ki. When we combine these two things, we get what’s known as universal life force energy. Chi is something that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has studied Chinese mysticism or martial arts. Irrespective of the cultural contexts in which they are practiced, Reiki and Chi are the same; they both refer to the fundamental nature of everything in the cosmos.

    Where does the practice of Reiki originate?

    Reiki’s beginnings, a form of complementary medicine that uses subtle energy, have been the subject of debate. Usui Reiki is likely the most well-known and is the one that most people practice. It was named after its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese man many people credit as the founder of Reiki healing. It is well documented that Dr. Usui was involved in spreading awareness of energy therapy, particularly as it pertains to the practice of Reiki.

    It would appear that Reiki is a traditional form of energy healing practiced in Japan since its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, was Japanese, and the technique was initially disseminated in that country. Some believe that Dr. Usui read Tibetan Buddhist Sutras to understand the universal life force energy. The idea that Reiki is an ancient Tibetan method of healing that Dr. Usui rediscovered came about as a result of this. Arthur Robinson, the founder of the Tibetan Reiki style known as Raku Kei Reiki, is credited with fostering this possibility.

    The Significance of Reiki’s History

    My opinion is that the history of Reiki is only relevant to academics and possibly fanatical students. Reiki is the manipulation and management of the Universal Life Force to promote health and healing. Who used it first is irrelevant; its origin is significant, the source of all that exists. Everything has the potential to heal, even if it is dormant, and if it is, it can be awoken!

    The Universal Life Force Energy flows all around us and is present within each individual; it is the source of existence. All energy therapies rely on the individual’s capacity to heal themselves. An intercessor is only required to act as a catalyst or to help direct energies where they are most needed. What holds for Universal Life Force Energy also holds for Cosmic Knowledge, as they are identical.

    Energy Treatments It would be irresponsible of me not to mention that hundreds, if not thousands, of healing practices manipulate subtle energy. The concept of manipulating the universal life force energy to promote wellness and healing is nearly as old as healing itself.

    Numerous energy therapy forms are available today, such as Healing Touch. In addition, various alternative and complementary treatments that manipulate energy fields constitute energy therapies. The premise of energy therapies is that matter and energy are not mutually exclusive; rather, the matter is merely a highly dense form of energy. Energy therapies are associated with traditional Eastern medicine’s ancient Indian, Japanese, and Chinese systems, among others. Contemporary energy therapy systems incorporate modern scientific theories. Some energy therapies utilize the energy fields within the human body (biofield therapies), while others employ electromagnetic fields. Some approaches combine biofield therapy and bodywork; Breema, polarity therapy, and qigong are examples.

    What Reiki Does

    Reiki practitioners are confident that it can alleviate acute bodily function issues, alleviate pain, boost the immune system, and bring about a state of optimal holistic health. We believe this because the physical manifestation of a person’s pain is frequently related to their emotional/mental, and spiritual states. Like other energy therapies, Reiki seeks out and treats the underlying cause of illness. It requires no direction, only stimulation. When only the symptoms are considered, the vital indicators of the underlying cause are obscured.

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