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What Reiki Feels Like During A Session


    It is important to remember that each person is unique, and energy causes a great diversity of sensations and reactions, but it varies from person to person.

    It is necessary to become aware of the sensations during a reiki session since it is something significant for the person. Also, it is an indication that the Reiki energy is acting on the subtle bodies and manifesting through the physical body.

    Sensations and emotions during a Reiki session

    • Change in internal body temperature

    The feeling of cold throughout the body, especially inside and on the feet, is common. Sometimes it lasts up to 12 hours. It means that there is energy movement and mainly indicates that the energy blockages are giving way, and the chakras are being unblocked. Very rarely does the opposite phenomenon occur, that of the totality of heat. This is mainly felt at some points of the treatment and is momentary.

    • Changes in the rate of breathing
    • Chills or flow of Energy through the interior of the body
    • sighs
    • Desire to talk about some aspects of our personal life
    • A sensation of floating or detachment
    • momentary development of sensitivity
    • Need to swallow saliva or remove something that bothers the throat
    • need to urinate
    • desire to drink water
    • Presence of involuntary crying
    • Reception of mental images
    • Deep need to be with oneself and alone
    • Connection with the spirit world

    Everything described up to this point is evidence that Universal Energy is carrying out its duties as intended. Although the individual may not manifest anything on a physical level (those who are more blocked may not feel any sensation), Reiki continues to work even after several hours have passed. Those who are especially sensitive will almost certainly experience many of the symptoms listed above (which should be seen as very positive).

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