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What Reiki Means in Healing


    In Japan, towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, an original method of natural healing of a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual aspects through the transfer of energy through the hands was developed. This method is known as reiki. Dr. Mikao Usui was the man who established the company. The name of this technique is Reiki. In Japanese, “Rei” can be translated as “the universe,” “soul,” or “spirit,” while “Ki” can mean “energy,” “mind,” or “heart.” Both words are pronounced similarly in English. The word “rei” can also be translated as “universal,” and the word “ki” refers to the life force. The transmission of the universal life energy that is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe is what reiki is.

    Kiko, also known as Japanese qigong, is one of the practices that Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, was trained in while he was a monk at the Buddhist Tendai temple. The knowledge and traditions of oriental medicine and Taoist energy practices are also integral to the practice of Reiki. Both Buddhism and Shintoism exerted some of their respective influences on the system.

    Mikao Usui is credited with establishing the spiritual society of healers known as the “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai,” which is dedicated to practicing natural healing by laying on hands. A free system that does not have a single master and no one can lay claim to its property, Reiki was initially developed and is now widely used. At this time, Reiki is spreading freely around the world from Master to disciple through the process of initiation, healing the bodies and hearts of people.

    Understanding Reiki does not require specialized education or training and can be done with little effort. Anyone, from a young child to an older person, can learn to use this system effectively. It is available to every person.

    Have you ever noticed that whenever we get hurt or experience pain, our natural reaction is to put our hand on the area that hurts? It’s almost like a reflex. This may be an illustration of the age-old wisdom that our body possesses. This allows us to focus healing energy on the area that is causing the discomfort. This energy is available to us, but in our normal operating mode, we can only transmit 5–10% of it.

    It opens a channel for transferring the optimal amount of this energy during an initiation that a Reiki Master performs. This gives you the ability to have access to it in its entirety and be very successful in healing yourself and others. Despite this, it is generally accepted that the system’s initial focus was on the individual’s health and well-being.

    Reiki acts as a conduit for transferring natural energy to a person. The patient is the one who is healed, not the healer; however, with the help of a healer, a portal opens into the vast ocean of healing earthly energy, and the patient discovers ways in which she can hasten and restore the defensive forces of the human body. The laying on hands by a healer initiated in Reiki opens the channel for the patient, while this channel is always open for the healer himself. The patient can then receive healing from the healer. And the more pure the “conductor,” that is, the individual through whom the Reiki energy flows, the more potent the effect of the Reiki because the energy can flow more freely and in its full volume. Because of this, practicing Reiki is a great gift and a great responsibility. To prove that you deserve this gift, you must maintain the spiritual purity of your thoughts, body, and actions.

    Miracles can happen in the life of a Reiki initiate thanks to the potent natural energy. In addition, the treatment that involves laying on hands is only the very first, very initial stage of development, the very first step on the great Path of the Reiki person.

    A person who practices Reiki advances through a series of stages, each of which grants them access to increasingly potent tools. These tools enable them to perform healing at a great distance from the patient and do so outside of time; they enable them to send the effect into the past or future. It is now feasible to treat not only a person but also his very life and the evolution of his spirituality in addition to the person. You have the power to undo the negative karmic consequences of your actions and those of your ancestors who lived a very long time ago. Some strategies can positively impact the circumstance, as well as strategies for healing loved ones and relatives through the medium of children or parents. And this effect will never have a negative consequence because the practice of Reiki in and of itself brings peace and love to its practitioners; this is what makes the Reiki effect so special and powerful.

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