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What to do with root chakra crystals?


    The lowermost chakra among three is known by its name -Root Chakra. Its purpose lies in providing us a feeling of safety,stability,and confidence within ourselves as well as around us. Situated at the base of our spine(that too the area called perineum),this particular energy hub fosters such sentiments.

    On a physical level. It corresponds to fulfilling basic needs like food,safety,and so on.

    On an emotional and spiritual plane it further acts as a center that is fundamental to our existence. Various body parts are influenced by this chakra,including feet,legs, bones,intestines,kidneys,and adrenal glands.


    The Root Chakras energy helps develop personal values,integrity. And establishes a strong connection with the earth.

    Additionally, we experience enhanced physical strength and vitality thanks to the effects of this chakra. However, an imbalanced root chakra can result in various physical symptoms such as back pain, constipation, issues with legs, knees, or joints along with varicose veins. Problems associated with colon or bladder functioning may also arise causing escalated levels of anxiety which can manifest as nightmares emotionally . On an emotional level ,a misaligned root chakra primarily generates feelings of insecurity accompanied by irrational fears that prevail persistently .

    Regardless of meeting all our fundamental necessities successfully , this imbalance creates a disbelief in one’s ability for self-provision judgmental towards others & inability for self -protection . Disharmony and conflicts within familial connections have been frequently associated with an unbalanced root chakra further deteriorating relationships. Understanding how our parents’ upbringing shaped our outlook towards the world serves as key insight into comprehending challenges linked to this vital aspect.If we were fortunate enough to receive unwavering support from our parents ensuring fulfillment of our survival prerequisites ,a sense of security is developed whereby we confidently thrive in a world that caters paramount importance towards fulfilling necessities.Contrarily,the absence or inconsistency in such support deprives us off this sense leaving fundamental requisites like shelter,and food unfulfilled thereby damaging mental well-being (affection, attention) alongside physical well-being.Clearing perturbations in the root chakra is made simple through the use of crystals by carrying them on a day-to-day basis. Since every element within our surroundings is composed of energy,it benefits us to keep the crystal in close proximity allowing it to harmonize seamlessly with our energy field and its vibrations. The best situation is when the crystals are directly touching your skin— maybe attached to a thread or kept safely within your pocket.

    However due to certain limitations at times it becomes necessary to carry them in a cotton bag.

    To ensure you stay connected with their energy throughout the day. Try holding your chosen crystal for as long as possible.

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