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When and where did reiki originate?


    The Reiki healing method centers around the laying on of hands, which is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Exploring the origins of Reiki has been a challenging task that required extensive time and effort. Unfortunately. There is still a significant amount of valuable information that remains untranslated and even unwritten. While traditional Reiki can be traced back to 1800. It is believed to have roots dating much further back in time. The information obtained through channeling before written texts existed may be theoretical but it remains intriguing and thought provoking.

    Its’ important to note that this information lacks supporting evidence; however its compelling nature should not be dismissed. There are individuals who hold the belief that human history began on another planet and that Earth became our home after being brought here by other races. These individuals practice Reiki or channeling as part of their spiritual practices. Ancient text translators have emerged as courageous advocates providing evidence to support these hypotheses. Their determination cannot be questioned.
    Moreover. Some argue that the origin of the Reiki technique can be connected to a planet populated by multiple handed gods.

    Predating Earths existence. This belief stems from ancient Indian culture where they hold Shiva as the god responsible for introducing Reiki to humanity with the intention of honoring his achievements. The genetic code of the human body was designed to align with Earths qualities during its formation. Incorporating the practice of Reiki within us all. Thus. Reiki is deeply intertwined with our identities – it resides within every individual. Long ago during an era long past Reiki was widespread and developed for practical purposes.

    In one early civilization called Mu children received their first level Attunement for Reiki at the beginning of primary school while attaining their second level Attunement at the start of secondary school. The Master level was originally reserved exclusively for instructors. But it was open to everyone else. Even when they relocated from Mu to places like India and Tibet.

    They were still able to bring Reiki with them. Despite this. Mu itself did not disappear during this time. However. When Mu and Atlantis vanished from the Earth.

    It caused some cultural imbalances. One of these imbalances was that very few people could claim Reiki as their heritage.

    In the year 1800 a Japanese man rediscovered that the healing method used by Jesus and Buddha was similar to what Shiva had brought to Earth. This similarity was mentioned in the esoteric doctrines of India. The history of Traditional Reiki can be traced back to the mid 1800s when Mikao Usui, a Christian priest who also practiced Reiki and served as chancellor at the University of Kyoto in Japan began investigating the type of healing technique Jesus employed. Usui sought guidance from Christian authorities but received minimal information about this method. Undeterred. He turned his attention towards Buddhism because he noticed many similarities in the lives of Buddha in India and Jesus in Palestine.

    Unfortunately Buddhist monks informed him that the ancient healing method had been lost, and only by following the Lightning Path could he uncover its secrets. Usui decided to move to the United States and spent seven years there hoping that the theology department at the University of Chicago would provide him with answers. However.

    Despite extensive research and comparisons between different philosophies and religions. His quest remained unfulfilled. Eventually Usui returned to Japan and became a Buddhist monk at a Zen monastery. His legacy lives on today.
    William Rand, a Reiki Master himself.
    discovered that Usui had never held any position at Doshisha University nor has he ever been associated with it as a student or professor. Adding to that. The certitude surrounding his attendance at the University of Chicago remains elusive. Some argue that individuals from the West fabricated the idea of Christian influence in Mikao Usuis life as a means to establish Reikis effectiveness in the United States. It is worth mentioning that during his time at a Zen monastery. Usui stumbled upon certain writings detailing a formula for medicinal purposes; however. No instructions were provided on how to activate or deploy the energy associated with it. In order to comprehend this material. Usui devoted himself to studying Sanskrit and soon realized that this formula was not excessively intricate. Immersed in three weeks of intense meditation atop Koriyama Mount while simultaneously engaging in fasting and prayer rituals an extraordinary incident occurred—Usui witnessed a luminous beam heading in his direction impactfully striking his Third Eye and momentarily disorienting him from his surroundings. When he regained awareness. He discovered Reiki symbols illuminating a screen before him—a revelation granting him profound insight into attracting healing energy. Thus unfolded the inaugural episode of Reiki Attunement—an unparalleled reawakening of an ancient methodology infused with psychic components.

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