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When Reiki Doesn’t Work for You


    Anyone who has been doing Reiki for any time knows it is effective. Despite this, some individuals try Reiki but do not experience beneficial effects, leading them to conclude that the technique is ineffective.

    Many facets contribute to Reiki “not working,” and those who do not get the desired results are most likely to be found in the following facets. Many facets contribute to Reiki “not working.” Of course, there could be additional facets, but the ones discussed here are the most typical ones.

    1. The mentality: “let it jump!”

    The “and let it jump” mentality comes at number five on the list. Some people think Reiki will immediately fix all of their issues. Because Reiki is not a button that you press and immediately get everything you want, this is not how it works in most cases. Reiki is not a quick fix. Through the practice of Reiki, we first gain a clearer understanding of the issues at hand, and then we become aware of potential solutions to those issues. The practice of Reiki can also assist us in letting go of things in certain situations. But regardless of the circumstances, it is we who carry out the essential tasks, not Reiki.

    2. Impatience

    Many people have very particular expectations, and for some reason, they believe that Reiki is similar to taking a magic pill: all you have to do is swallow it, and everything will be fine. But, unfortunately, such a pill does not exist, and those who are looking for it will not find it in Reiki or anywhere else for that matter because there is no such thing as such a pill.

    Reiki is a practice that requires patience and time, much like raising a child. (I am certain that other adults will concur with me!) When we feed a child, we do so with care and affection; the time we spend with them is time that we eagerly anticipate. The same is true for Reiki; we envelop ourselves in love whenever we practice and look forward with excitement to experiencing these moments.

    If someone said to you, “I’ve been feeding and caring for my baby for the past three days, but when will he finally grow up?” what would you say? You would think that I was making a joke about it.

    A way of life, the Art of Living, Reiki is. Compared to children, there is not much of a discernible change from one day to the next. However, when we reflect on the past and evaluate the current state of affairs, we find that the changes are both noticeable and significant.

    3. Lack of practice

    The “bronze medal” goes to the lack of practice.

    Like any craft, the more you practice, the better you achieve it. This is because we become more “permeable” to energy with each session; each time we activate a symbol, the energy grows stronger.

    The performance of an athlete or musician who trains every day is incomparably better than that of an athlete or musician who only trains once in a while.

    4. Attachment

    With reason number 4, things get more subtle.

    Reiki is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, it must be approached as an exploration, as an expedition to discover new territories, new customs, and new things that are happening little by little, not in a state of excitement, but on the contrary, in a state of tranquility, serenity, joy, and smiling.

    It is not a destination with “1st degree”, “2nd degree”, or “3rd-degree” stages, and the journey does not end by passing the Mastery. Instead, this ongoing, transformative journey never ends, filled with growing experiences and new life lessons. It’s a journey full of peace that begins with the idea that life is already wonderful and can only get better!

    There is always something to learn and experience, and when it feels like “we’ve arrived,” we see the next step.

    A wise practitioner approaches Reiki as a journey, not a destination.

    5. Wait for a specific result

    This is probably the #1 reason Reiki doesn’t work, and it’s even harder to “self-diagnose” than #2.

    In general, but especially when we are new to practice like Reiki, we tend to focus on a concrete effect instead of the big picture.

    For example, we will send Reiki remotely to succeed in a job interview instead of sending it globally, remaining open to all the possibilities that could arise and serve the greater good of all concerned.

    Focusing on a specific, concrete aspect will probably have the opposite effect because it will strengthen our attachment to that aspect. As a result, we “hang on” more and more, creating resistance and stress.

    When sending Reiki, it is important to detach from any result. Do not resist, reject nothing, and remain open to everything. Keep trusting that Reiki is an intelligent energy that will help us find the best path for us.

    Compared to the above job interview, we may need to be refused on one side to discover another, or maybe we will be taken and feel very good about this new activity. The key is to stay open to both possibilities and all the possibilities.

    These possibilities are endless, and we only see them when we take a step towards non-attachment to the result.

    So don’t cling to a fixed idea when you send Reiki. Rather, move toward a sense of fluidity, peace, openness, and trust that whatever happens is the best thing to happen to the people involved – even if they don’t know it yet.

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